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Burn Down Your Web Site

Burn Down Your Website

Digital marketing driving you nuts? You are not alone, but knowing other small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are drowning too doesn't save your company. As of 2018, Curagami's digital marketing helped B2B and B2C online brands and websites earn more than $40,000,000.

How did we do it? There is no silver bullet, no one path fits all digital marketing or method to scale nascent online brands. Tactics we used years ago are gone. Universal solutions don't exist. So beware promises from those who know a little more about online marketing.

Burn Your Website Down because agreeing to be trapped in a red ocean of competitive fury is stupid, common but dumb. Imagine blue oceans where your brands and website create and then satisfy new customer wants desires and needs. Yes, there's a "New Marketing" rapidly destroying what we believed to be true, tested, and guaranteed.

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Digital marketing is more artistic and scientific than yesterday's branding. As a result, business is more artistic and scientific. Every click, visit, and conversion is rich in signal and noise. Think like an artist and scientist if you want to make money online today.

We've helped many SMBs create or refine their digital marketing for free. We don't make promises. Walking our talk is important, and, we've discovered, many things are more important than money. Learn if, how and when Curagami can help: e: martin (at), c: 919.360.1224