Voltage Search Media ROCKS because complex things transform into understanding and money. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is complex. Why attempt to copy, learn, or emulate Voltage Search Media’s SEM algorithms when you can HIRE Mark Brown, Tim Prevost, and the Voltage team? This post shares my fifteen-year journey with Voltage and five reasons you should give them a call.

  • SEM = Too Fast Now.
  • PPC is your captain.
  • Guides and Teachers are RARE.
  • SEM Honesty is even more rare.
  • Life is short.

Hire Voltage Because SEM = Too Fast

Today, if you aren’t using algorithms to manage pay per click (PPC) you’re losing money. If you’re not using Google PPC, at the very least, you are losing money.

Digital media moves too fast. Only algorithms can interpret and “understand” what to do. Buying keywords with a positive return on ad spend (ROAS) requires algorithms (period and full stop).

Not all algorithms are the same. And buying the “best” algorithm for your company is all but impossible if you aren’t one of a handful of highly advanced geeks.

Voltage and other search marketing firms have an advantage – they help plan and execute campaigns for many clients across different verticals. Algorithms are living, breathing things only as good as their latest profitable setting.

You hire a company like Voltage because of their experience, expertise, and knowledge is as fast as today’s search marketing. Their “big data” advantage, managing campaigns for many clients in different business verticals, makes hiring an SEM vendor your only option.

Hire Voltage Because PPC Is Your SEM Captain

Digital marketing should start with PPC because PPC is the fastest way to learn, test, and refine your online marketing. PPC’s marketing efficiency, how much you learn for how little you spend, can’t be beaten.
PPC doesn’t need to be where you spend the most money. In fact, done right, you should progressively spend LESS on PPC as your knowledge grows. You need to learn:

  • What words, phrases and images create conversions.
  • How different designs improve heuristics (time on site, pages viewed, lower bounce rates).
  • When do your offers or combinations of ideas, products, or content achieve your digital marketing goals.

Fastest way to discover digital marketing’s what, how, and when is with an algorithm-based PPC program run by a trusted vendor.

Hire Voltage Because Teachers and Guides Are Rare

Imagine Voltage’s patience. They live in a fast world of algorithmic buys, returns, and AI. We will never understand their magic black box and the really good news is our understanding isn’t necessary or required. 

Brilliant geeks aren’t usually patient people. Yet, over the fifteen years, I’ve worked with Voltage Search Media slowing down to explain, share, and guide is the rule, not the exception. If Voltage doesn’t know they tell you they don’t know. You can’t imagine how rare such an admission is in this industry. 

I’ve helped e-commerce companies make more than $50M in online sales, hired more than a hundred vendors, and used just about every silver bullet app you’ve heard about. I even fired Voltage one troubling October. 

Another search marketing company promised the sun, moon, and stars. And I NEEDED help to achieve aggressive online sales numbers, so I jumped ship and nearly lost my job. 

When, within weeks, I called Mark Brown and BEGGED forgiveness and for Voltage to resume he and they picked up as if I wasn’t an idiot, as if nothing happened. 

Hire Voltage Because SEM Honesty Is Very Rare

When buyers don’t really know what they are buying, the SEM algorithmic black box, it is easy to sell snake oil. I’ve been an e-commerce marketer since 1999, yet I fell victim to the “Grass is always greener,” pitch of a traveling SEM snake oil sales team.

You don’t know what you don’t know and so it is easy to lose your money, time, and digital brand. Since what you risk is always greater than you realize and you never get TIME back hire Voltage Search Media. They will help, explain, and share. Oh, by-the-way, much of the $50M in online sales I’ve helped generated is directly attributable to Voltage’s guidance, expertise, and care. 

Hire Voltage Because Life Is Short

In a favorite book, the Paradox of Choice, Barry Schwartz explains how the illusion of choice can be crippling and misleading. Yes, you can interview five or ten search marketing firms, but what questions do you ask? 

When you don’t know what you don’t know asking truly informative questions is misleading. You think you know when you don’t and following such misinformation in digital marketing is a sure prescription for disaster. 

Granted, I don’t know every SEM firm. Don’t focus on what I don’t know. Learn from what my experience proves. I’ve made more money WITH Voltage than WITHOUT.

Will your website make money and have positive return on ad spend? Since answering YES to the question of will your online marketing make money is harder and harder each day, hire Mark and the Voltage Search Media team because life is short, honest SEM vendors are rare, and keeping your job beats the alternative. And Voltage Rocks!