Five Reasons “Original” Art Rules 2019 Marketing

we’re working on a mashup of 2019 web, graphics and e-commerce trends. We read a gaggle of predictions for 2019, look for agreement, and study interesting outliers. In this way, we mashup crowdsource the future.

One area of agreement is original art and illustrations. In fact, this post came from curating Fast Company’s favorite 2018 illustrations into the Design Revolution feed.

We have five theories on why colorful original art and illustrations will rock digital marketing next year.

  • Death of Stock Photography
  • The Art, Marketing and Data Collision
  • Originality Gets Shared
  • Pictures Matter More Than Words Now
  • The Attention Span/Serotonin Challenge

Death of Stock Photography
In unskilled hands, Stock photography is a terrible soul-killing thing. And “unskilled” describes most digital marketing. Don’t let stock photography’s dull smiling empty zombies eat your brand. RESIST.

Let’s be clear. You WILL and MUST use stock images in 2019. Stock images in and of themselves don’t suck. Seeing the same family over and over does. Use stock as a starting place. Make something original. Change stock image angles, colors, and dimensions.

It takes ten minutes to create an original riff on that image five other sites feature. Since ninety percent of websites won’t put in the time your “stock originality” stands out.

Art, Marketing, and Data Collision
Brand consistent arresting and original art light up analytics. Originality gets shared and shares help anyone and everyone’s analytics. Web marketing is self-fulfilling. Originality gets shared lighting up analytics assuring more originality. 2019 promises an originality explosion as the distance between creative left-brainers and quant-y right brainers continues to shrink.

Originality Gets Shared
Millions search as we write. Smartphone in hand they want cool shit to share. Think of web marketing as a pinball machine. Your content acts as flippers keeping conversations alive, keeping that little silver ball from disappearing.

Scale is how you earn free games. But there’s a catch-22 – the best way to earn scale (rich get richer bigness) is to have scale. These hardened skeptical smartphone connected days, arresting originality, something so time stopping newly rewired brains must share, defines the game. Is your audience sharing, blogging, and retweeting your content? Congratulations. you may have discovered marketing’s elusive sweet spot between art, marketing, data, money, and people.

Pictures Mean More Than Words Now
Hard to imagine Hemingway, Faulkner, or Cheever as bloggers. Smartphone-enabled eyes control our time, brian, and desire these days. Stopping long enough to read requires arresting visuals and a killer headline writer. Writers who know how to set hooks are worth their weight in gold.

Quality writing isn’t dead. How we discover quality writing (or anything) requires eye cand, a great headline, and friends or friends of friends recommendations. Good need not apply. Only awesome, world-class, epic, and recommended break through our filter bubbles. Appealing to attention span hobbled serotonin addicted brains isn’t well understood, easy, or repeatable. Welcome to the new marketing.

The Attention Span/Serotonin Problem
We are wired differently now.  Smartphones, a ubiquitous web, and game design masters such as Facebook, Twitter, Google keep us jonesing for our next serotonin hit. If we can only get the next like, retweet, follow, or share life will make sense.

Not so much, but we judge not. Curation on our Design Revolution started this post after all.  But the Great Gatsby would need to be written in pieces across several pages with outstanding visuals today. If something doesn’t look good on our phones we don’t care about it. Gatsby, Nick Adams, and whatever boozy cocktail party Cheever would blog about today don’t break through without punchy headlines, arresting graphics and shares from five trusted friends.

Hey, Join the Curagami Crowd
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You in? Share your 2019 design, marketing, and e-commerce tends to become part of the Curagami tribe. Because our tribe loves finding and following design, marketing, art, and e-commerce geeks, be sure to let us know where to link. Did you get serotonin hit reading the last sentence? Good, we’re doing our job :).

Have a great New and please share your epic events in 2019!