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Ouch, Product Fails – Apple

Ouch, Product Fails = Apple explains why I’m rolling back my last two purchases from the largest company in the world. Yesterday I took the sim card out of my iPhone Seven and went back to my Six Plus. Not sure what I’m going to do with my Airpods but using them is out of the question. This Curagami post is about two big product fails from a Steve Jobs-less Apple.

iPhone Seven

I hate my iPhone Seven enough to give up the gains it creates. Apple if you are reading this, please bring back the headphones jack. Here are is what I give up by going back to my iPhone Six Plus:

  • Better Sound
  • Waterproof
  • Superior Look and Feel
  • Faster and with more storage

Going backward costs many things I like about the Seven. The iPhone Seven is a better phone, but the missing headphones jack creates so much pain I’m going back and rethinking my almost thirty year Apple allegiance. Voice feels like the next big thing and Apple hardly leads there.

My new MacBook has the same problem as my old laptop – the keyboard is too small. Typing on such a small keyboard my hands make mistakes. I can’t type or think as fast. Love for my iMac enslaves me to Apple laptops for now. My iPad Pro rocks too. The iPad Pro more than makes up for the failings of a much too small laptop keyboard.

I’m giving my iPhone Seven to my brother. If the iPhone 8 doesn’t have a headphones jack I’ll move to an Android phone that does and the ridiculous Airpods are why.

Airpods Suck

Succinct and to the point and wholly accurate to my experience – Airpods suck. Here’s why they stink:

  • Pairing is a PAIN
  • They fall out
  • The sound is thin and shrill

Pairing Is A Pain

Pairing Airpods with an iPhone is a pain. There is a hidden button you need to find so your phone and Airpods will connect. The initial connection doesn’t mean you won’t have to go into your Bluetooth menu and re-recognize your Airpods. The distance you can travel from your phone is impressive, but not so impressive it makes up for the pain of pairing.

Airpods Fall Out

Airpods don’t fit snug or well. Their strange shape is painful and doesn’t adjust well. I’ve listened to and owned Shure IEMs and they fit beautifully, sound amazing and put the Airpods to shame. Fit impacts any in-ear monitors sound. The behind the ear twist Shure employs snugs their IEMs into your ears.

The Airpods are hard molded plastic. There is an R and an L, and you can’t fit the R into your L. In fact, you can’t fit the Airpods into your ears at all. They are too hard to snug and too strange to fit. The strangeness of the shape also makes Airpods fall out when your jaw is involved. Eating is out. My Apple Airpods fell out twice at dinner before I took them out in frustration.

Sound Is Shrill and Thin

I’m willing to walk on broken glass for great sounding audio equipment. Alas, the Airpods sound thin across all sound registers. The bass is muddled and too far back to feel or really hear. Mid-range sounds have the same non-distinct muddy sound. The upper range is as missing as the bottom. The middle ranges seem the most present.

Presence, in this case, is misleading. By flattening and making the upper and lower ranges so thin pushing what’s left into the middle everything sounds equally bad. Other headphones have solid uppers or lower range sounds. I’ve never heard a pair of headphones that push sounds into such a muddy middle.

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