Curagami’s “Friends Beta” Needs Your Help

Curagami FOC Ask image

Become our hero, use the #helpastartup hashtag over the 4th of July.

3 Ways You Can Help:

  1. Read Curagami Background.
  2. Click 2 Links.
  3. Answer 3 Questions.

1. Curagami Background

Curagami helps online merchants & marketers discover:

  • What content converts and why (ROI).
  • Find & empower a site’s social advocates.
  • Trending “conversations” capable of increasing conversions.

Cool headpones & audio gear from Curagami beta partner provides “Friends Beta” content.¬† You will see headphones & audio gear content, but Curagami is adaptable to tribes who are passionate about what they buy online.

2. Click 2 Links

3. Visit links & Answer

  • Did you know what to do?
  • What worked? What sucked?
  • Would it help your marketing to know what your customers think before you invest time & money?

What did WE forget to ask?

Curagami Friends Beta Feedback Graphic link

Give Team Curagami Feedback

Curagami Goals

Our mission is bridge gap between social conversations, content, traffic and conversion (ROI). With your help we will climb this new marketing Mt. Everest one step at a time. Guiding trends:

  • Conversations = the new “links” (new SEO).
  • Conversations become conversions.
  • Conversations need new metrics.

What You Can’t See…yet

Cool “under the hood” stuff you can’t see yet:

  • Algorithm to “score” & discover¬† trending content.
  • “Curagami Score” = see information disparity.
  • Dashboard feedback tunes content & conversions.

Cool stuff under the hood our Curagami tribe will experience soon as we complete our dashboard and User Interface.

Curagami’s Future

We see several important places Curagami can grow:

  • Curate The Store – use predictive analytics to move customers, content and conversion closer.
  • Curate The Relationship – help CRM tools like SalesForce & inbound marketing like Marketo curate customers.
  • Curate Community – creating community is best path to sustainable growth.
Curagami Friends Beta & Polo Shirt image

We know how to reward helpful friends – we turn ’em into Curagami ads. Helpful FOCS receive Curagami polos with our THANKS!

Thank You!

Internet Marketers are NEVER alone. Teams & friends are how we thrive in our social, mobile “Thank You” economy.

“Thank You” economy = it’s harder to connect & make money. Websites are Mission Critical now so not having tools needed is stressful.

Curagami reduces stress in favor of conversation, content, collaboration, & conversion.

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