Why E-Commerce Marketing Is Broken

How conversations became the new links

Why E-Commerce Marketing is Broken by Martin W. Smith

Traditional Sales Funnel Is Gone

You’re probably familiar with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is based on links as valuable votes for the best webpages. Links create authority. More authority equals better search engine results. At least that’s how all things SEO existed for the past 15 years.

Martin W. Smith, a longtime veteran of the e-commerce wars, explains how e-commerce is broken and what’s next in this exclusive Curagami white paper.

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E-Commerce Is Broken

Marty and teams he managed made millions of dollars on e-commerce platforms. He helped make a killing through direct marketing, email, PPC and social media.  He’s also watched all of these channels contract and become “red oceans” of competition lowering profits and increasing costs.

Forces creating tectonic shifts in ecommerce include:

  • Rise and dominance of social / mobile web.
  • How social / mobile web is moving customer expectations.
  • Conversations are the new links.
  • Conversations are about people and engagement not winning a closed loop game (SEO).
  • New tools such as Curagami will be needed to convert conversations into money.

30 More Seconds

How valuable would it be if you could keep your current visitors engaged for an additional 30 seconds? How long does your average buyer stick around your site compared to non-buyer? In “Why E-Commerce Marketing Is Broken“, Marty Smith explains that the very way you are thinking about the sales funnel is flawed.

What Does a Revolution Look Like?

Do you wish bought Apple stock at $13 in 1982? Did you sign up for Twitter in 2007? It’s incredibly difficult to spot a coming revolution.

There is a new tsunami rolling through the online world. You can become an early thought leaders by downloading “Why Ecommerce Marketing Is Broken“.

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