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Website Migration Trauma – 5 Tips To Reduce

Web Migration Trauma

Imagine you are a seasoned heart / lung transplant surgeon. Doing ONE MORE transplant, despite the life-saving miracle it creates for the patient, is “routine”. Now imagine you need to do something similar to your website – migrate to a new server or platform. Similar in how traumatic such…

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Drone Marketing

Drone Marketing

Drone marketing isn’t about what you think. Watch the video below and see if the future of marketing doesn’t become a little more clear:

If a drone can be programmed to fly 45mph indoors your marketing is too boring. We realize the argument seems surreal. What does a DARPA drone have…

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It’s A Wonderful Life Social Counter

Social Impact Counter

After destroying Curagami.com, it felt like there were two choices. I could jump off the roof OR find something to confirm worth value and ability. I know better than to make the SEO mistakes made…

Why We Dumped WooCommerce Cover Image

E-commerce – Why We Dumped WooCommerce

E-commerce – Why We Dumped WooCommerce Best Affiliate Product Page / Link We’ve Seen Creative use of a well known open source platform (WordPress) Developers around the world contributing templates and plugins A way for seasoned PHP programmers to add commerce to a WordPress blog

That last bullet is good…

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