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SEO For Web Designers

SEO For Web Designers

I’ve been asked to discuss Search Engine Optimization with the current class of front end engineers at the Iron Yard Code Academy in…

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Make Your Blog Look Like A Mobile App

Make A Mobile App Icon For Your Blog

Why figure out a way to make your blog look like a mobile app? Smartphones…

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Collaboration Magazine

Collaborative Revolution

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Personal Branding Magazine

Personal Branding Using Scoopit

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It’s A Wonderful Life Social Counter

It’s A Wonderful Life Social Counter

I burned down our website recently, and, despite our advice telling you to burn yours down, creating ashes where Curagami.com used to be hurt.  Just as Curagami.com was earning traction I had a brilliant idea. I wanted to continue giving to cancer research….

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E-commerce – Why We Dumped WooCommerce

E-commerce – Why We Dumped WooCommerce Best Affiliate Product Page / Link We’ve Seen Creative use of a well known open source platform (WordPress) Developers around the world contributing templates and plugins A way for seasoned PHP programmers to add commerce to a WordPress blog

That last bullet is good and bad news. Good…

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