• Why We Dumped WooCommerce
  • Burn Your Website Down
  • 5 Content Marketing Lessons From Ziggy Stardust
  • Google, RankBrain, Penguin 4.0, Lions, Tigers & Bears
  • New E-Commerce & A Video Game Steal
  • Google Analytics Mapping Home Page Links for Fun & Profit
Why We Dumped WooCommerce Cover Image

E-commerce – Why We Dumped WooCommerce

E-commerce – Why We Dumped WooCommerce Best Affiliate Product Page / Link We’ve Seen Creative use of a well known open source platform (WordPress) Developers around the world contributing templates and plugins A way for seasoned PHP programmers to add commerce to a WordPress blog

That last bullet is good and bad news. Good news if you have seasoned programers…

Burn Your Website Down cover image

Burn Down Your Website – 3 Reasons

Burn Your Website Down

Our recent Burn Down Your Website Haiku Deck (embedded below) confused several loyal Curagami customers. “That’s crazy,” one customer said. Crazy to burn down something so expensive to create and so dangerous to imagine burning down. Surely competitive flood waters, waters our client worked so hard…

Google Analytics mapping homepage clicks Moon Audio chart image

Google Analytics – How To Map Home Page Clicks

Google Analytics How To Map Your Home Page

Why is it always the easy stuff we forget? Google’s new “on page” metrics makes mapping clicks on your home page easy. We used a spreadsheet to sum clicks for each of

New E-Commerce and a Video Game Steal image

New E-commerce and a Video Game Steal

New E-Commerce and a Video Game Steal

As social media increases the value of and opportunity for connection making your online commerce more game-like binds customers to your brand, website and content. E-commerce merchants should watch the video below carefully. Video game creators are building in something new….

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