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What Is Mobile Money?

Mobile Money Cash (paper money) and plastic used to be how we paid for things. Cash is losing its attraction. Cash is stupid. Cash is bulky to carry around, and hard to impossible to...

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Hero Marketing: Compete with Amazon

Hero Marketing: How SMBs Can Compete With Amazon – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires FedEx Presentation I’m in Columbia, Maryland today to speak to a group of Small to Medium Sized...

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SEO & Content Curation

Benefits of content curation for seo from Why Content Curtation Rocks SEO The slide deck from about how content curation impacts SEO is an excellent SEO & content curation primer, but let’s...

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5 Web Redesign Ideas

Why Redesign A website? Websites don’t age well. Each day the web’s ocean shares a new idea. Walking along the beach where we built our sand castles yesterday we see nothing but smooth surface...