Favorite About Us Pages

Favorite About Us Pages – be sure to share your favorite pages in comments or email to martin(at)Curagami.com or use #favaboutus. We will create a gallery of favorites.

We loved helping out on Moon-Audio.com’s About Us Page. We think the About Us page is one of the most important marketing pages on any website. We love about us pages that tell a story consistent with the rest of a company or product’s branding.

Content on your About page begins a story you should tell over and over again. Your values, ideas and vision should be shared. Look to collaborate with your growing tribe too. When your products or marketing changes make sure to change, update or edit your “about” copy.

About Us content ideas:

Great About Us Pages Criteria image

Everyone has a “creation story” and just about everyone thinks no one wants to hear it. When it is YOUR story boring and repetitive is how it feels. That feeling is ONLY true for you. You go over your creation story all the time, but your creation story is “new to them” content for most of your customers, advocates, and supporters.

Here is an E-commerce Master Class video we created about About Us pages:

What about you? Email your favorite About Us pages and we will curate them into a gallery of great About Us pages with a link back. Thanks, Marty