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OPx = Why Other People Are Key To Your Online Success

Eric Enge (left), Wade Harman, Mark Traphagen DMFB14

Other People’s Audience

Eric Enge, founder of Stone Temple Consulting and so the employer of our good friend and G+ guru Mark Traphagen, wrote a great post about HOW to use OPA (Other People’s Audience) to build an audience of your own:

In the beginning, there was no audience.

Yet the overlords demanded that one be created.

The wizard came forth and cast great spells and the audience was conjured out of thin air, and the content marketing campaign was begun.

If only that was all there was to it!

Unfortunately, we have no wizard to conjure an audience for you, the kind of audience that can give you an unfair business advantage. So you must build one for yourself.

Eric’s highly recommended post goes on to share excellent tips such as:

  • Speaking at conferences.
  • Getting interviewed.
  • Media or blogger outreach.
  • Press releases
  • Advertising

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OPx Extending Eric’s Ideas

We loved reading Eric’s post because it dovetails with one of the reasons we created Curagai – there is always someone stronger, faster and better than you these days so partnerships and finding ways to use OPx becomes a critical strategy.

OPx stands for ides such as:

  • OPA = Other People’s Audience.
  • OPA = Other People’s Authority.
  • OPN = Other People’s Networks.
  • OPC = Other People’s Content.
  • OPB = Other People’s Brands.
  • OPM = Other People’s Money (our favorite).

Mark Schaefer defines why finding ways to “use” or partner with others is so important in his critical read Content Shock: Why Content Marketing Isn’t A Sustainable Strategy.

Barabasi Linked bok picture on CuragamiContent shock is built on content network theories outlined in Linked: How Everything Is Connected To Everything Else by Barabasi. Notre Dame network researcher Barabasi explains how the creation of HUBS, o highly concentrated power, is the mathematical destiny of any content network.

Schaefer’s content shock explains how little guys will be shoved aside by the rush to hubs. Hubs create a more efficient network. If we are heading to ever more powerful hubs then learning Eric’s lessons about how to take advantage of what is already there has larger implications than audience.

This is NOT to say that all things don’t flow from Eric’s ideas on how to co-opt an audience. Nope, Eric’s ideas are solid and great and applicable to almost anything you can think of in Internet marketing. Most “builders” or even brands (big or small) don’t think about co-opting. Builders build.

Problem is builders will fall behind more and more in favor of the mashup (read Lisa Gansky’s great book The Mesh). I love building stuff too, but I’m learning to heed Eric’s advice and find ways to use OPx to help Curagami fulfill our promise to help SMBs curate content marketing into sustainable advantage.

If crowdfunding is appealing to people you don’t know to monetize new ideas then enterprise crowdfunding is finding ways to tap OPx so your product, brand, service or company is stronger faster than competition. Eric’s great post goes on to define his Other People’s Audience strategy in key tactical dimensions including:

  1. Size.
  2. Relevance.
  3. Ease of getting started (for you).
  4. Quality of content already there.
  5. “Authority”.
  6. Quality of content you can produce.
  7. Opportunism.

Hate to steal any more of Eric’s work, but hard to improve on those “tactical” dimensions to make decisions across the entire OPx grid (Audience, Authority, Network, Content, Brands, Money). Read Eric’s post and instead of brainstorming what you can do at your next retreat ask yourself how to tap OPx.