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New Chinese Art ROCKS

New Chinese Art Rocks

We love the Artsy app and website. If there is an easier way to find great art from around the world we don’t know it. One not-so-new trend we noticed about three years ago was the strong new paintings from China. Artists from Al WeiWei to my favorite Wang Guangyi create some of the strongest art in the world today.

There is a lot to love in the new Chinese art. I enjoy discovering how Warhol, Anselm Kiefer, Cy Twombly, and Eric Fischl (to name a few) get smashed, torn, and recycled into contemporary Chinese art.

Revolution Is Now

Wang Guangyi applies his revolutionary look to mashup popular ads, Andy Warhol, and Shepard Fairey. His “paint by numbers’ heroic art looks back on the manipulation and abuse of art in the hands of unscrupulous revolutionary leaders. By mashing such strong imagery with ads Guangyi asks if manipulation continues by brands, advertising, and marketing.


Liu Xiaodong

Liu injects a strange Chinese cultural milieu into the equally strange and uniquely American Eric Fischl. Liu proves painting never dies it just slumbers waiting for a new master to spark new life into an old medium.

Contemporary Chinese Art on Artsy

Want to see more great new Chinese art? Artsy has a landing page of Contemporary Chinese Art ready and waiting for you.

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