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August 27, 2014
Top Haiku Deck Cover image

Note: All Haiku Decks above are linked in list at bottom of this post. Be sure to VOTE for your faves.

Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck is a magical visual merchandising tool. A cross between, Slideshare and Google image search Haiku Deck combines visual marketing, tactics and strategy into an easy to use online marketing tool. Haiku Deck’s concept was simple – build a better interface for the Creative Commons.

Using strong and intelligent image tagging Haiku Deck presents image suggestions related to content from the slide you just created (#toocool). Images come from the Creative Commons so getting sued for using them shouldn’t happen. One never wants to predict the future of (c) but cat feels fully out of the bag.

We use Haiku Deck’s suggestions about half the time. We load images, something the tool makes easy (1124 x 768 optimal image size to fit within Haiku Deck’s template) about half the time.

Haiku Deck Data

We’ve created 34 Haiku Decks generating almost 60,000 views (57,510 as of 8.26.14) with an average of 3,200 views per deck. Warren Buffett’s tips for startups has the most views with 7,222 and 54 shares. The Invisible Giant: Why The New SEO Is So Hard To See is the fastest scaling and most shared Haiku Deck with 2,494 views and 186 shares.

Here is a summary of Top Haiku Decks (link goes to Google spreadsheet with data for all decks):

Top Haiku Decks data image and link

Buffett vs. The Giant

We thought it would be fun to monitor this post in almost real time. We wanted to validate some important web marketing assumptions such as:

  1. Double down on winners and leave laggards (i.e. Big Get Bigger).
  2. Social shares makes really KNOWING anything all but impossible (why you have to model).
  3. Branded content is powerful.
  4. Social shares are powerful.

As the day unfolded a real horse race developed between Warren Buffett’s tips for startups and a deck we created to explain how difficult it is to SEE the “new seo” (thus making point #2). Here is how you can play. If you want Warren Buffet to slay the new seo GIANT click on the BUFFET link below to view Buffett’s tips for startup entrepreneurs. If you want the GIANT to win click on the giant link to view the Invisible Giant: Why The New SEO Is So Hard To See.

BUFFETT: Tips for Startups from Warren Buffett
GIANT: Invisible Giant Why New SEO Is So Hard To See

Giant Crushes Buffett

Here are results from the Buffett vs. Giant smackdown yesterday just shared on G+:

Invisible Giant Crushes Warren Buffett
Warren Buffett didn’t know what hit him yesterday. After a horse race developed between Warren Buffett’s Tips For Startups Vs. Invisible Giant of the New SEO Haiku Decks we asked visitors to vote with clicks. Results:

Invisible Giant of New SEO
216 click gain or 8.66% gain

Startup Tips From Warren Buffett
185 click gain or 2.56%

Buffet started and ended with more clicks (7,407 now), but Invisible Giant remains scaling champ coming up to 2,710 views faster than any of the 35 Haiku Decks we’ve created.

Hardly a “controlled” experiment, but what we expected to be validated was. Buffett and the Invisible Giant contributed 401 new clicks of the 1,064 contributed yesterday or 37% with remaining clicks spread throughout the other 33 Haiku Decks.

Couple of interesting “proofs”:

  • Think blogging doesn’t matter? Even if you only credit half the views yesterday to our blog post 500 views is excellent for Curagami.
  • Reported blog views yesterday was 125 so there is that funny attribution problem again (difference between 500 and 125).
  • Don’t think GooglePlus is important? G+ sent 27, Search Engines 17 and Twitter 15.
  • Big got bigger and laggards limped along.

That last bullet is what my former direct marketing bosses drilled into me – double down on the winners and leave laggards. Prior to that I would spend too much time on laggards. Internet marketing is nothing if not Darwinian so feed plants that grow and cut losses on laggards.

Haiku Deck Conclusion

As tempted as we are to speculate about what makes a Haiku Deck great we will hold our thoughts (for now). The inescapable conclusion is Haiku Deck is a powerful tool. A tool that helps marketers visualize strategy and tactics, share and communicate memes and ideas and create highly viral and easy to share “widgetized” content.

We’ve made recommendations about adding public profile pages so there is a place on Haiku Deck where you could see all Curagami Haiku Decks. The highly responsive and helpful team at Haiku Deck listens well and are working on creating public profiles WE (their users, customers and advocates) can share. Analytics would be a great 2nd “need” to fill.

Nothing like taking raw data and putting it into a spreadsheet to see patterns (such as how FAST the Invisible Giant is gaining on Warren Buffett). We work with and help many Small to Medium sized Businesses (SMBs). As a group they are overwhelmed with recommendations and tools for Internet marketing. We don’t want to add to how overwhelming Internet marketing feels, but almost 60,000 views and 752 shares means Haiku Deck is a MUST USE tool for SMBs.

The really GREAT news, and why we don’t feel guilty about making this recommendation, is how easy Haiku Deck is to use and how fast content created with this awesome visual marketing tool creates the kind of social shares and community team Curagami loves, envies and preaches about. USE Haiku Deck and make slides part of your content marketing strategy.

Top Haiku Decks List & VOTE HERE

Be sure to VOTE for YOUR Favorite Curagami Haiku Deck and add your faves into our list:

Headline for Haiku Deck Favorites
8 items   1.01k views

Haiku Deck Favorites

Haiku Decks about Internet marketing with most views and shares.

Haiku Deck Favorites | Startup Tips from Warren Buffett Haiku Deck

Warren Buffets tips for startup entrepreneurs.

Haiku Deck Favorites | Secret Content Marketing Tools Haiku Deck

5 Secret Content Marketing Tools Haiku Deck includes, and Pinterest along with two other content marketing recommendations.

Haiku Deck Favorites | Social Media: Its The Conversation Stupid Haiku Deck

Social Media is about having, curating and valuing conversations with friends, customers and advocates. There are new rules for branding in a digitally social world.

Haiku Deck Favorites | How To Buy Web Design Haiku Deck

How To Buy Web Design Haiku Deck explains how to successful find and work with a web design partner.

Haiku Deck Favorites | 8 Visual Marketing Tips From Vogue Haiku Deck

8 Visual Marketing Tips from Vogue shares ideas such as using juxtapositions and big numbers from one of the most successful publishers in the world.

Haiku Deck Favorites | Future of Web Design II Haiku Deck

Future of Web Design II discusses the next web, the one where boxes and borders are gone in favor of a more interactive, social and mobile web.

Haiku Deck Favorites | Hellfighters The New SEO Haiku Deck

Hellfighters The New SEO shares how today's Internet and web marketing is so intricate and complex even trying to fix problems, much like an oil well fire, can often create even bigger problems unless you are a Hellfighter.

Haiku Deck Favorites | Invisible Giant: Why Its So Hard To See The New SEO Haiku Deck

Today's SEO is obscured by Google, the social and mobile web and the changing nature of online marketing.

Knitting Gnomes and Ecommerce’s DIY Future Redesigning & Your Web Design Too
Knitting Gnomes and Ecommerce’s DIY Future
Redesigning & Your Web Design Too

About the author: Martin Smith
Marty is a cancer survivor, 15 year Internet marketer after consumer products goods marketing & sales training with P&G, M&M/Mars & NutraSweet. He started 4 companies including Found Objects, Dada Box, Scenttrail Marketing & Curagami.

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    Excellent article, Martin. I too love Haiku Deck; it’s such a blissfully easy tool to use. You don’t need to hunt for images, nor do you need to bend your brain with formatting issues, because the themes do it all for you.

    Re profile pages; that would be ideal. :-)


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