Your Brain on Content Curation

Your Brain on Content Curation recalls those great, “This Is Your Brain on Drugs,” commercials. New neuroscience research shows benefits of your brain on content curation may be equally startling:

I think there are some promising avenues of discovery in the work of Gary Marcus that could one day help address how we learn. Gary Marcus describes deep learning this way: “Instead of linear logic, deep learning is based on theories of how the human brain works. The program is made of tangled layers of interconnected nodes. It learns by rearranging connections between nodes after each new experience.” In other words, the brain is not seen as a series of connected flowcharts but as intersecting nets of connections that create patterns.
From Connectivism, Neuroscience and Education on Cain.blogspot

Content Curation Benefits

If there is a better description of the psychological benefits of content curation than “instead of linear logic, deep learning is based on theories of how the human brain works…tangled layers of interconnected nodes,” I don’t know it. What do we do every day that sounds like “tangled layers of interconnected nodes”?

We talk to each other.

Conversations challenge our brains to stick and move, to float like a butterfly across a seemingly disparate set of information. This morning I met with Kara and Jessica¬†from my friend Dr. Amanda Sturgill’s Elon University media class. Kara and Jessica are great social media students about to create a great social media company. Our conversation references about six books, many friends, and concepts ranging from cancer, riding a bicycle across America, branding, social media and Internet marketing.

Conversations happen FAST and we LEARN FAST.

CrowdFunde is about how to have amazing conversations. Understanding the “deep learning” those conversations provide should change your website, Internet marketing, and brand positioning. Being aligned with the most profitable conversations you aren’t having is what CrowdFunde is about. Amanda, Kara and Jessica get it. You?

Are you seeing social media and conversations as increasing important aspects of your marketing? How are you harvesting content from conversations? Share your favorite conversation is power story and we will curate in.

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