How To Win Hearts, Minds & Loyalty shares hard-won lessons on the road to over thirty million in online sales. Learning how to learn may be the biggest hurdle to making money online. Shared and dangerous myths and marketing misperceptions include:

  • Knowing – the web always happens NOW
  • Perfection – a good plan today beats a perfect plan tomorrow
  • Surf Don’t Attempt To Know – stay present and in the moment guard against prejudice and inflexibility
  • Control – control is over rated

Replace prejudice and misperceptions with what is happening NOW as Joi Ito shares in his NOWISM TED talk.

Web Development – Find Help

You never step into the same river twice. Yesterday’s online marketing success doesn’t guarantee tomorrow. Managing a rapidly scaling online store is like driving a formula one race car. Turns come fast and use the breaks, and you lose. Time speeds up and slows down simultaneously. Go all in and then you find more. Keep moving quicker and better.

Addictive? You bet online commerce is addictive and impossible to plan, map or know. The impossibility of knowing what to do with the necessity to do something drives many crazy. “What exactly are you going to do,” a Curagami client wanted to know recently. Hard question to answer. Easier to explain what we weren’t going to change – anything that appeared to be winning hearts, minds, and loyalty.

“Forgive us, Marty,” a potential client said, “I don’t think trust is the issue.” Trust is always the issue because it is impossible to have too much, easy to have too little, and trust can’t be recovered once lost.

Money Can’t Buy Loyalty

Money can’t buy loyalty or attention.The world has changed. Invading Russia in the winter won’t work. Even if you had big bucks spending them on advertising is crazy (mostly). Better to start small, create feedback loops and online community. Learn as you go. Customers are different too.

As McKinsey explains in their “New Customer Journey” whitepaper, you need advocates, Sherpas, and crowd wisdom. Ask for help and then be smart enough to take it if you want to succeed in e-commerce today.