Why Ecommerce Broken

Why Ecommerce Broken is a free white paper. Ecommerce is broken in many ways. The Rubicon between content and commmerce, the lack of storytelling and poor digital listening are just a few of the ways ecommerce is broken. Want to fix your online website, store or merchandising? Read why Ecommerce is Broken.

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Why Ecommerce Marketing Is Broken, A Curagami Free White Paper

Why Ecommerce Is Broken Excerpt


There are only two ways to win “tactical” warfare online:
1. Be FIRST to use a tactic.
2. Use tactics asynchronously to disrupt.

First mover advantages can be significant, but so are the risks. With marketing
changing so fast, it exposes a multitude of tactics with little ROI data. It becomes
easy to invest in a non-starter such as Foursquare-like mobile check-ins or the
wrong social network such as MySpace.

Tactical ecommerce is expensive and doesn’t scale. Only a handful of websites
can find tactical advantages consistently. Tactical ecommerce is Greek for most
merchants since they don’t have the advanced skills or budget needed to play
roulette with their brand.

Never has marketing guru Faith Popcorn’s brand statement been more accurate.
The social/mobile web changes everything.

People don’t
buy brands
they join them.

Smart marketing is moving from PUSH, where buying more media increases sales,
to PULL where buying more media helps when brands have a conversational

“Conversational Engines” buy media in support of social, content, cause, video
and other kinds of digital marketing.
As marketing becomes a conversation “customer service” changes along with
customer expectations.

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Marketing, once a one-sided lecture, is now a conversation.

When we have conversations with friends and family there is an easy give and
take. They know us and we love them. Conversations, thanks to social media
marketing, are changing brand marketing. When every brand, company and
service has high quality, a great website and cool social media we buy from who
we KNOW and LOVE.

The “What’s Next” marketing question becomes how can your website become
KNOWN and LOVED by new customers. Our Triangle Startup Factory funded
startup helps ecommerce customers:

  • Curate the right conversations at the right time.
  • Collaborate to help customers realize dreams.

At the beginning of our journey Phil Buckley, Curagami’s Co-Founder, asked an
interesting question, “How could we help merchants get to know their customers
as well as they know their friends and family, what would be the value of that

We rarely become “instant friends”. Conversations and trust require time. Online
we look for clues. Clues tell us if people “like us” are using a social network.
Social networks know “friends” and “friends of friends” are key to winning
Metcalfe’s Law (value of a network is square its members).