Better Web & Social Marketing: Ideas For Car Dealers

Started this post with 1,000 words of justification. Decided to focus on things car dealers could do TODAY to improve the web and social marketing. Here are 3 simple ideas Michael Jordan Nissan could do TODAY that would help their social presence and web marketing to connect more and so sell more cars.

Start with the big 3:

  • The web Is About The Commons WE Create So Less YOU & more THEM (customers).
  • LISTEN MORE talk less.
  • Create sustainable online COMMUNITY and curate customer conversations.

1. Michael Jordan Nissan Home Page Redesign

  • Social buttons in THEIR logo colors not gray (kills half value of the Facebook et al. logos to be in gray).
  • Add LIKE Us on Facebook widget & Facebook into the social stack.
  • Create and Share Employee profiles.
  • Ask Customers to Create and Share Profiles.

People & Stories, Stories & People

There is no humanity on Michael Jordan Nissan’s site now. I wrote a post a few years ago for Scenttrail Marketing car dealers should read. People Not Things Sell was written for startups who love widgets almost as much as car dealers love sculpted steel. We don’t buy sculpted steel. We buy the EXPERIENCE sculpted steel creates.

Experience is the new BLACK online. Experience is EMOTIONAL, transient and fun.

Experience is pictures of PEOPLE, pets, and cars in the context of our LIVES. I bought a new car yesterday (picture of Travis Lunsford & ROGUE at the top). Credit to MJ Nissan they took a picture, “For our Facebook page”. The problem is my post beat theirs. Their Facebook page suffers the same focus problem – focused on THINGS, not people and experience.

The web starts COLD and HARD. Design can warm, soften and engage, but CONTENT provides legitimacy, creates trust and wins hearts, minds, and loyalty. Adding PEOPLE and stories on a site HUMANIZES it. If Nissan corporate has MJ Nissan hemmed into a BAD template then MJ should create a WordPress blog. When so many tools are FREE there is NO EXCUSE to not share and ask. SHARING content and ASKING for help are pillars of web marketing few car dealers understand (if anyone knows a car dealer who does get the web & social please share and we will curate in).

Blogs are EASY.

Blogs can hang off of a site and will almost instantly outrank the MJ Nissan site there now. FORCE Nissan to provide some space in the template to pitch curated stories from employees and customers and current PageRank 3 there now becomes a 6. We could help make their 3 become an eight with the sustainable online community, but crawling before attempting to fly always a good idea.

Current MJ Nissan Homepage

Michael Jordan Nissan Homepage image

2. Social Support For New HUMAN Content

God love MJ Nissan. They have almost every social network’s icon with zero understanding of what it means to be social online. MJ Nissan and ALL car dealers would be better off NOT having social icons than directing people to places they clearly don’t understand. TRUST online is related to competency. Being so clueless about social media HURTS MJ Nissan’s ability to sell a car.

Some things to do TODAY:

  • Follow more customers, car gurus, and other resources on Twitter (91 following on 312 followers is bad).
  • Start conversations on G+ or REMOVE the icon.
  • Ask customers for their social profiles and then FOLLOW THEM.
  • At first FOLLOW many more than are following you AND Retweet & curate content from those you follow.
  • Time from BUY PICTURE to full spread on social (Twitter, Facebook, and GPlus) should be MINUTES, not days or never.

Current MJ Facebook

Michael Jordan Nissan Facebook page

3. Curate More Than You SPAM

Every car dealer is going to be reading this lining up reasons they can’t do any of these ideas, so here is a FREEBIE. WORK and SPEND less to get more by curating content from your customers, employees, industry gurus, and mother Nissan. If Nissan corporate has dealers locked into a BAD (spammy) template use FREE tools such as, Flipboard, Storify, and WordPress to SHARE more and SELL less.

Feel heat on that last sentence? Sounded like I was suggesting car dealers sell FEWER cars. NOPE, I’m suggesting that sales is different now. When you educate, inform, curate and share you are “selling”. Relationships developed by FAILING in Public and listening to how to get better humanize an all but HATED profession.

But we don’t hate them. MJ Nissan’s Facebook page has 7,185 likes without even trying hard or doing anything RIGHT (lol). Remember marketing guru Faith Popcorn’s, “People don’t BUY brands they JOIN them,” and more your local marketing to places where customers can JOIN, are proud to share and love contributing. YOU don’t need to do all or even MOST of this work.

But MJ Nissan and all car dealers must be OPEN to having conversations that aren’t about MONEY TODAY. Today we talk and support each other online. Tomorrow we buy your cars. Don’t let mothership Nissan force you into acting and looking like a junior THEM. They have completely different online needs and few car manufacturers know anything about the web.

Most car makers don’t even realize they aren’t in the car business anymore. Like most, car makers are in the information biz these days and the information business is a brand new bag. Since that thought brings me full circle to the riff started yesterday will leave it here. Promise to come back with specific ideas for car sales people soon.

Oh & get a header image on your Twitter (big blue area below) and follow more people:

Current MJ Twitter

Michael Jordan Nissan Twitter

Web Marketing 101 for Car Salespeople next…promise. M

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