[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Warby Parker – 5 Digital Marketing Tips To Steal Today shares why I love my Robert Rauschenberg inspired frames and five things every online store should take from WarbyParker.com.

  • Created Limited Editions
  • Keep Content Even After Events Are Over
  • Have and Share VALUES
  • Start with WHY not HOW
  • Tie Purchases To A Related Cause

Warby Parker Digital Marketing Tips – Create Limited Editions

Limited edition products help develop a sense of exclusivity and urgency. Exclusivity is enhanced when YOU are the brand creating the limited edition. That’s not to say acting as a reseller of OPLE (Other People’s Limited Editions) isn’t a good idea. Selling limited editions is a good idea too and for the same reasons – creating a perception of exclusivity and urgency.

Limited editions carry an implied, “Buy them now before they are gone” time stamp. The Rauschenberg inspired Roci Cyrstal Marina, and the Roci Cerulean Crystal I purchased are now sold out. I’ve learned from missing “limited editions” by Shepard Fairey and Kaws to ACT NOW when “limited edition” is attached to something.

Here’s something else WarbyParker.com did that I love – I had my second pair of Roci Rauschenberg-inspired frames in the cart. I received my first pair, the Roci Crystal Marina, and loved them. I logged in and ordered the pair in my cart. Not sure if WarbyParker.com protected my cart or not, but the main Rauschenberg page was down before purchasing my second pair.

Warby Parker Digital Marketing Tips – Keep Your Content

WarbyParker.com is out of the limited edition Rauschenberg frames. The page’s home page link is gone.  But it still exists. Google is a never take anything away environment. Building on successful, i.e. well connected, liked and loved pages, content is always a good idea. Removing content should be done with great care.

The Rauschenberg inspired glasses page costs Warby Parker nothing to leave up and may help sell other frames. By eliminating the page from the homepage traction and “Google-juice” will slowly ebb. And that is how you want your pages to “die” – slowly and with care. Cutting off the main supply of traffic and rank helps move pages from the front seat to the back.

Keeping pages means links like the one I just embedded above DON’T BREAK. Generating a 404 “page not found” error is never a good idea. If Warby Parker eventually takes down their Rauschenberg page, my link will break, so I’m betting they are smart enough to know not to remove such great content – content that helped sell hundreds of frames in hardly any time at all.

Warby Parker Digital Marketing Tips – Have and Share Values

Before purchasing the Roci Rauschenberg inspired frames I’d heard about Warby Parker’s Buy A Pair, Give A Pair program. Warby Parker has changed the program. Now they tally every frame sold and fund glasses for the ddvantage around the world via partners.

WarbyParker.com Buy and Give Glasses program image

Much like Tom’s “buy a pair, give a pair” shoe program WarbyParker.com gives sight to those who might not otherwise have it. Regular Curagami readers know about the need to turn their marketing from SALE to MOVEMENT. Warby Parker’s “buy one, give one” program adds another layer of “feel good” marketing.

I didn’t buy my Rauschenberg inspired frames because of Warby Parker’s buy one, give one program. I purchased my two pairs of Roci frames because I met Robert Rauschenberg once. My ex-wife Janet McKean’s Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, was hosting an exhibit of Rauschenberg’s black paintings. I met “Mr. Rauschenberg” at the opening.

“Call me Bob,” Robert Rauschenberg by then a towering figure in contemporary art, insisted. “I will,” Mr. Rauschenberg was my stammering reply. Warby Parker’s generosity with the money I was about to pay them wasn’t the primary motivation. However, their buy one, give one program is something I respected and wanted to support.

Warby Parker Digital Marketing Tips – Why Not How

The most common “new to the web” mistake we’ve seen is jumping into the HOW of a site. Type A entrepreneurs, as are most of the small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) we work with, like to jump right in. Entrepreneurs like to DO STUFF not think about stuff as much.

We’d encourage you to STOP and THINK long enough to articulate values. Every entrepreneur has passionate reasons for doing what they do. Write those puppies DOWN so you can publish them on your website. But don’t think of your values as sacrosanct or immutable. They are neither.

Values change over time. Listen as you engage with customers. Stay in touch with how your feelings, values, and ideas about your business, products or brands changes. Share those changes. When in doubt ask for help. Your “Ambassadors” will share how your values land and ways you can be more clear. Nothing is static, and a website’s About Us pages should evolve, change, and grow with you and your business.

Read Simon Sinek’s excellent Start With Why book for more on how to craft, communicate and share values.

Warby Parker Digital Marketing Tips – Tie Purchasing To Your Cause and Brand

Warby Parker doesn’t hit you over the head with their Buy One, Give One program. But they did a great job with a paragraph at the bottom of the Rauschenberg inspired frames. Here’s a screen shot of their Art for Good message:

Warby Parker Art for Good message image

As you expect, you don’t get to use Robert Rauschenberg’s name for free. We bet the Rauschenberg Foundation requested the donation. Everyone wins. The Foundation keeps Robert Rauschenberg’s name and art in the cultural zeitgeist. Warby Parker supplements their Buy One, Give One program with Art for Good, and customers fast enough on the “buy one now” trigger got to purchase great frames.

I love my Rauschenberg inspired frames because they are like looking through a painting by one of my heroes. The Roci Cyrstal Marina frames are the color of a glass coke bottle – something Rauschenberg used in his art. The frames are big enough it feels like I’m looking through coke bottle glass sometimes.

Warby Parker Digital Marketing Tips Roci Crystal Marina image

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