VR Inside The Dali Store

Watching Goodby Silverstein & Partners’ brilliant retelling of the Salvador Dali experience via virtual reality (VR) should have every e-commerce team reading this email sitting up, paying more attention and wondering hat is it for them to start thinking about VR as a cool new content creation medium.

Dali’s drippy painted future dystopias create perfect VR fodder. We grant the skeptics one point. VR’s adoption in e-commerce won’t be recognizable. We won’t strap on those headsets (with or without our smartphones) without new experiences.

We won’t walk down a vr grocery store, a bookstore or a dress shop. We may watch and interact with Wolfgang Puck cooking (groceries). We may want to have a conversation with Mark Twain (books). We may listen to Donna Karin explain why she dropped her fashion just so.

VR Guy image

Being IN a store’s experience is going to be important. “Experience is the new branding, “the CEO of Tough Mudder said. He should know. pouring cold water, shocking and making marathon runners climb through mud, guts and glory are nothing we could have imagined paying for until very recently.

Now, with smartphones and ubiquitous connection, we expect real-time conversations and experiences with our favorite brands. Granted the “real-time” clock isn’t as wound tight as it will become. Customers today still give brands hours before a replay (to their Tweet, Facebook comment or blog post) is demanded. These will be known as the Good Ole Days.

Once conversations rule retailers will need tools to create the appearance of interactivity without the customer service headcount “conversational” and “one-on-one” retailing implies. VR is seductive and a potential solution. If a buyer has a conversation with your VR Mark Twain, Donna Karin or Salvador Dali they feel heard and the experience is unique, highly sharable and cheaper in the long run than vain attempts to staff up and answer every customers’ question.

Questions, Quests, Expertise and bedrock Q&A content will seduce, amaze and involve in ways we can hardly imagine. Remember those pictures of 3D movie audiences? Soon we may see similar pictures of cardboard goggle wearing shoppers in your Dali store.

What are your thoughts on VR and the new e-commerce?

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