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Video Marketing Hosting Tips

Video Marketing YouTube Alternatives shares 8 business video hosting alternatives to YouTube. I’m indebted to GoAnimate.com for an excellent post on YouTube alternatives.

YouTube Is A Roach Motel

YouTube is a “roach motel” because your customers go IN but they rarely come OUT. YouTube is valuable, valuable as a social network.

Your customers are probably already on YouTube, so your first move should be to FOLLOW YOUR CUSTOMERS. Every brand has a 1:9:90 Rule. 1% of a brand’s fans are “Creators” who stand on a soapbox and shout at the moon. Creators are evangelical supporters. You job, these crazy hard to make a market for your goods and services days, is to FIND YOUR 1% and give them a mission, followed by another mission, and then another (and on and on).

Right behind your 1% User Generated Content (UGC) creating evangelical supporters sit 9% willing to support you and your content ESPECIALLY when said content comes from a 1%er. These “Supporters” live a tad vicariously through the 1%. They are aspirational. They want to BE LIKE your 1% so encourage them to do so by featuring them, following them back and sharing social kudos and something they can display somewhere public (your user profile they’ve filled out or Facebook say).

Ninty percent of your visitors and buyers are more passive but no less important. These “Readers” mean a lot to Google especially when they spend lots of time on your website, view lots of pages and buy stuff. Inspiring your Creators, Supporters and Readers is the “new marketing”. Some of each group use YouTube, so you must have a YouTube page and presence.

But YouTube is a roach motel – your customers go IN but they rarely come OUT. You may embed a YouTube video every now and again, but try to create content for YouTube sure to promote a click BACK to your site. How do you do that? Let’s say you say dresses like our friends at Vestique.

You may create a YouTube video that teases your spring fashions with a Call To Action of “See the Latest Spring Fashions at Vestique.com”. Use YouTube as a NETWORK where there are honey bees you want to come work for YOU. Don’t view YouTube as your only video hosting channel because YouTube is a widget.

Where does the Google Juice flow when using any widget? Back to the widget provider. But there’s a problem. Videos are HEAVY. Their sheer weight can slow a web page or a website beyond Google’s SEO patience. This is one reason you want to keep your videos short, sharp and get in, make your points with stunning visuals and a great story and then get out with a Call-To-Action.

You need hosting help. Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) can help. CDNs cache your site’s “heavy” content such as images and videos on server farms around the world. When someone sends a call to view one of your videos they receive a fast, local answer thanks to a CDN. CDNs aren’t built to HOST videos, so find a combination from the list below that works for you.

8 Video Hosting Alternatives

Vimeo Logo imageVimeo
We like the “no ads” video too, but it is a widget and social network much like YouTube. Vimeo has better and more consistent design than the chaos that is YouTube, but Vimeo has an order of magnitude fewer members too. We suggest using Vimeo in much the same way as you use YouTube – with teaser videos designed to drive traffic BACK to your site or other points of conversion (someday soon we will be able to convert from Pinterest, blogs or other types of “owned media” where conversion is currently a pain).

Vimeo is the exception to the “no Freemiums” rule we share below. We would use the free version of Vimeo and we would keep our commitment to a minimum.

Viddler logo imageViddler
In our research of the GoAnimate post, Viddler would be our choice because of this sentence:

“Viddler offers a comprehensive business video hosting service, including custom branding, playlists and RSS syndication, and geo-filtering, so you can limit access to your videos by location.”

Regular readers know we think RSS is far from dead. RSS is the future of publishing. See our Curagmai page on Feedly for an example of how we use RSS to curate terabytes of content daily into coherent curation. Like most of these video hosting options Viddler has a freemium option, an option we WOULD NOT USE.

We don’t see “freemiums” as viable anymore. Freemiums waste a businesses most valuable asset – time – and provide an inadequate test. No one locks you into long term contracts anymore (or no one who will be around for very long), so pony up, buy the account you think you need and commit. Don’t waste time in the testing hamster wheel.

Wistia Logo ImageWistia
Wistia’s Twitter integration spark our interest too. Twitter may never monetize worth a hoot, but who knows what the future holds. If Twitter is to be a conversion funnel then it will need to do so with video, not 140 characters, so we would create a Wistia account too. You can host 5 videos on Wistia a month for free, so we would.

We won’t reshare the excellent GoAnimate post (liked above). Don’t just do ONE THING with your video. Think of video as the most viral content you have thanks to how easy it is to embed. Any embeds is YOUR content on THEIR blog and if your content is so great it earns such an advanced degree of loyalty KUDOS.

Best way we know to CREATE that level of customer loyalty is to ASK FOR HELP and use our Community In A Box platform launching in July (smile). Video is fresh since we are determining what kinds of video we will accept.

And I’ve just gone against everything in this post (lol). We will accept YouTube links because we can always PIVOT to another hosting option later AND YouTube is the strongest social network. YouTube has the most bees.

When creating anything these days it is best to create as little as possible to promote the most engagement, advice and guidance from real customers as fast as possible, so we will break the rules I just shared creating the exception that defines these rules (smile).

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