Think Like An Online Marketer

Think Like An Online Marketer is about how an online marketer’s mind is the most important and hardest to train CSF (Critical Success Factor). Minds are funny. Minds do things automatic without conscious thought that can hurt, hamper or destroy your online presence. Over or under react or don’t quickly understand what it means to think like a web marketing pro and pain follows.

Our Haiku Deck shares 5 “secrets” every web marketer learned:

  • * Start With Why
  • * Diversify and Gamify
  • * Double Down
  • * Become A Nowist
  • * Baseball not football

THINK Like A Marketing Pro: 5 Secret Tips – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

Start With Why

Biggest mistake many make is thinking the web can consolidate, explain and take over. Not so much. The web reflects, amplifies and makes cracks use fissures. Know what you believe and who you are BEFORE you create a website. Freely share your “creation story” or the formative experience that created your sense of right and wrong. Be open to feedback and evolution. Don’t sound like you know it all since no one does.

Diversify and Gamify

You must invest in marketing across many channels to be successful in one or two. That means you will FAIL more than you succeed. Don’t hold out or expect perfection since no online marketer can afford such tyranny. Learn to, as I used to encourage my web marketing team, “Slap the baby and move on”. Birth ideas fast, watch your feedback loops and evolve even faster.

Make everything you do a fun gam others want to join. “People JOIN brands they don’t BUY them,” marketing guru Faith Popcorn so famously said long before it was half as true as today. Collaborate and “tribe up” so your advocates and ambassadors can support your ASKs. Ask for help and provide social rewards as thanks.

Double Down

Every website has a handful of “cards” you heed to learn to count. When the deck rolls in your favor double down. You can’t hesitate since time is the web’s most severe mistress. It takes TIME to know what matters most to your readers and customers. Don’t double down until you KNOW, but don’t hesitate once your site’s odds are in your favor.

There is no universal formula for anything online. Factors that meant my team and I should double down may or may not be the same for your website. We doubled down in the 4th and 1st quarters because that was when our site made most of its money. We studied buying behavior learning customers visited 3.4 times in the summer before buying and 1.3 times in the fall. Our DM bosses taught a valuable lesson – best deals at the best time of year. Knowing when it is time to double down is a CSF.

Become A Nowist

Watch the last 4 minutes of Joi Ito’s TED Talk about Nowism to learn why collaborating with what is happening now is more important than planning.

Baseball Not Football

The web is not a capture and hold game. The web is a listen and learn game. Perfection is impossible and costly too. Hit 4 out of 10 and you are in the web marketing hall of fame just as you would be in the Baseball Hall of Fame. The web is played considerably faster than our national pastime, but there is an unmistakable rhythm to each.

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