Finally An Affordable Gamification System

Excitement! When Chris Lawrence from Exinent shared today we wanted to shout hallelujah. Why is a new and affordable, SweetToothRewards runs from $720 to just under $5,000 a year, gamification platform reason for rejoicing? Because the game is the thing.

The old “funnel” doesn’t work anymore as David Edelman pointed out in his influential Branding In A Digital Age Harvard Business Review article. The HBR broken link to the Customer Decision Journey is unfortunate since the contrast between old “funnel” thinking and David’s new circular and ongoing “journey” is crucial:

Customer Decision Journey graphic

Nothing ENDS now (lol), so “Funnel Thinking” is outdated and dangerous. Virtual social / mobile and connected cycles makes “more, better, faster” the rule of the day and “journey” is the right word. Engagement is winning hearts and minds OVER TIME. Winning hearts & minds produces advocacy, word-of-mouth marketing and loyalty needed to survive in a world of “new marketing”.

Gamification Apps

Yes, there are and have been many great ways to gamify content. Cost, prior to, were too high for most Small to Medium Sized Businesses. We like this gamification benefits summary:

  • Accelerated Feedback
    Gamification increasing feedback velocity and value maintaining engagement.
  • Clear goals and rules of play
    Gamification should create clear goals and well-defined rules of play to ensure players feel empowered to achieve goals.
  • Compelling Narrative
    Gamification builds a narrative over time that engages players to participate and achieve goals of the activity.
  • Challenging but Achievable Tasks:
    Gamification provides many short-term, achievable goals to maintain engagement.
    From Information Week (emphasis and addition ours)

We LOVE tools like Badgeville, Bunch Ball and Kudos Badges (new to us, but “enterprise” means expensive), but they are too expensive for most of Curagami’s SMB ecommerce clients. Even our larger clients would be difficult to convince to spend the time and money needed to install one of these “enterprise” gamification solutions.

Enter makes it easy to add gamification. There is a gamification process, platform or system in your mobile / social / connected future. Gamification is too good to ignore. Even moderate gamification brings huge benefits such as:

  • Identify your 1:9:90 Customers (1% will give you something of value, 9% will share your content especially when it comes from the 1% and 90% read and live vicariously through the 10% active engaged customers).
  • Create effective marketing segments and personas.
  • Create deadlines and “horse races”.
  • Provide social rewards to important website members.

A few days ago we discussed “Tapping Virtual Networks”, something gamification helps:

Tap every network you can and gamify your content marketing.

We also read How To Earn Money from A Contest Website and used their graphic as our cover.