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Prepare yourself for 2019, with this look into the biggest design trends of the year. We’ve covered it all, from typography to illustration and more.

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Look Closely At Trends #2 and #3
Immersive Design (#2) and Exposed Mechanics (#3) are related. Immersive Design looks toward virtual reality. VR is a subset of a more significant trend – experiences are the new branding.

Why would people pay to run through cold, mud, and over rocks and steel? Tough Mudder knows experience is the new branding. And I agree with the founder. Will Dean when he insists no social media means no Tough Mudder. Tough Mudder is immersive and built for sharing.

Exposed Mechanics elevates process. Process becomes a shareable product. Exposing mechanics remove barriers, encourage engagement, and creates a conversation. Exposing mechanics creates and shares vulnerabilities. Perfect is left in favor of content capable of producing, rewarding, and inspiring a tribe.

Sharing process, warts and all, break the third wall – the wall between visitors, viewers, and creators. We develop enough of a framework to receive feedback and then cooperate with those special customers to shape a two-sided dynamic conversation. Happening NOW.

Experience always happens NOW — these two trends, immersive and exposed, wreck marketing as practiced in favor of community, conversations, and customers. Control, still a figment of a marketer’s imagination, moves from marketers to curators and analysts.

After such a shift any message meant to brainwash a passive audience sound false, thin, and discouraging. Experience moves passive consumption out in favor of active collaboration. Once the DVR, streaming and a ubiquitous Internet change consumer expectations in favor of exposed mechanics and immersive collaborative tribal experiences going back to passive consumption is impossible and annoying.

Maddening means now there’s a penalty for being only slightly out of touch. Create a passive one-sided campaign, and you’ll do more than spend money carelessly. Preach without conversation, and you’ll pay with cash and brand equity. And the later is the vastly more valuable and hard-earned currency.

Promise to blog about this topic further on Curagami.com soon. M