Start With Why because any digital marketing or web design effort would benefit by reading Simon Sinek’s book Start With Why. Many small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are in a panic. Digital marketing’s undeniable rising tide is at flood stage. Former yellow-page advertising SMBs don’t know what to do.

SMBs panic, write big checks to bad web developers and never recover. Don’t panic. Certainly, it is time to understand how to use digital marketing in all of its forms (websites, email marketing, social media marketing). Time spent understanding the web design task will save time, money and resources.

SMBs are proud builders. They’ve built a successful business out of nothing, but digital marketing wasn’t around back in the day. We bet most successful businesses started with a plan. Even “planning” was the back of a napkin some thought was dedicated to WHY to create a new business.

Don’t Panic

There was a pain point or something the entrepreneur knew, didn’t like, or wanted to change. Panic wasn’t part of the startup motivation. Don’t design a website with panic as the main motivator. Publishing a bad website tomorrow does more harm than going live with a better website next week or month.

Being in a hurry is okay. We’re human. We make mistakes. The web favors courage, adventure, and honesty. Better to make a mistake and publish something today than to be too safe and not publishing. Early and ugly beats later and perfect online.

Read Start with Why, share your creation story and write an inspirational WHY.