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Software Eats World Now

Software Eats the World Now riffs a great post by Jeetu Patel for Tech Crunch. Jeetu returns to Mosiac’s founder and developer Marc Andreessen’s 2011 Why Software Is Eating The World to ask if the statement remains true.  Jeetu believes, and we agree software continues to eat the world.

I love this Jeetu note:

It is decidedly non-trivial for a company in a non-tech traditional industry to start thinking and acting like a software company. This is why the companies we most associate with “Why Software Is Eating the World” now are startups, with a few notable exceptions (like GE). Ultimately, there is no blueprint for how to make this transition.
Emphasis is mine

Jeetu’s “non-trivial” truth risks understatement. Curagami is in the software biz and creating greatness is HARD made harder by greater demand for brilliant coders and CTOs than supply.

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 Blue Oceans

We relate to Jeetu’s thoughts on timing and focus as the search for blue oceans. Blue oceans require different thinking. Some brands, companies and startups think differently and so redefine “normal” for an industry resetting meaning, value, and worth. Jeetu notes the usual suspects for such massive “we own it now” disruption including Uber and Netflix.

We would add Cirque du Soleil, WaNeLo.com, and MassDrop to his list of disruptors thinking differently and taking advantage of what is happening NOW. We would supplement Jeetu’s thoughts on timing with Joi Ito’s TED Talk on NOWISM too.

One dangerous tendency we see is an attempt to “plan a way out.” Instead of adopting the “we are all softwarists now” mindset Jeetu discuss so well, many of our clients think they can plan their way out. How can you plan without a compass or coordinates? While you and your team plan your competitors are Uber-izing or Netflix-izing your entire industry.

Don’t plan TEST instead. Follow Ito’s advice especially beginning around time code 9:00 minutes on his TED Talk.

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Tiffany Blue Box imageStart with Why

Even casual readers of ours know how much we love Simon Sinek’s Start with Why. We appreciate the PRESSURE Jeetu’s great post creates, but would encourage our clients to go back to the beginning, back to their brand’s “big bang.”

Connecting or reconnecting with your brand, company, product or service’s raison d’etre should be a well-worn loop. Some small group may never need to become a softwarist just as not every digital marketer needs to worry about Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

If I worked for Oprah, I wouldn’t lose sleep over SEO since her tribe is big enough and loyal enough that Google wants to create Oprah’s content will be okay. If I managed Tiffany care, prudence and excellence are needed when adding software such as their wedding ring finder app to such a hallowed and well-known brand.

Tiffany’s Wedding Ring Finder app is a brilliant example of Jeetu’s main point – the need to become a softwareist. Using what is available NOW or something just coming online to rethink your industry, products and services are a “do it” or “have it done to you” choice with a clear answer for most – DO IT.

PS. You can buy Tiffany’s special blue box for $90. When your brand is so strong, you can sell $100 boxes life is good :). Marty[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][vc_masonry_media_grid element_width=”12″ gap=”35″ grid_id=”vc_gid:1500060711624-e7c2b267-ba99-7″ include=”39069″][/vc_column][/vc_row]