AMYGDALA from fuse* on Vimeo.

Social Media As Art Touching The Face of God

I’m not religious, but this video of light sculptures firing social media feeds in real time on a foggy night in a nondescript office courtyard is as close as we may get to touching the face of god. Don’t overthink, analyze or look for the why here. Simply let the light of a million people, emotions, aspirations, and connections rise up like waves, break and return to an ocean of humanity.

When you have the Big C you think about meaning more than the average bear. Having been reminded time is never an infinite adventure we #cancersurvivors can’t take time for granted in quite the same way as before hearing “cancer” and our names in the same sentence.

Life like the web is always about everything and it happens now. Our everythings somehow weave a collective tapestry. Your warp and my weft twirl, bob and combine to be bigger than the sum of every thread used, every person connected, every Tweet sent.

Twitter art video explanation image

Social media is the rebel expression. Meant for one thing social media does another. These co-opted tools hammer, nail and sculpt this moment more completely than at any time. Man’s collective humanity, connection and interdependence is joyfully apparent.

Art, beauty, and joy are important. Art, beauty, and joy provide bullets we tiny gunslingers fire at a giant, fire-breathing monster. At first sight, the monster must surely win. Then we see other “patients”, fellow travelers and immediate fast friends. We connect find beauty art and joy like AMYGDALA by Fuse.

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