Social Conversations You Must Have

Social Conversations You Must Have is about why your marketing is only as good as the social networks where you’re talking. Visual Marketing is happening here and now, yet we were opting out. Absence is a dangerous thing these days. Our absence on visual marketing networks such as BeHance, Dribble, Instagram and Tumblr was an easy MUST FIX.

You might think some social networks don’t apply to your online business…and you would be wrong. Every social network creates a connection, and you can never have too many connections.That said, we understand how overwhelming it can FEEL to maintain 10 or more social networks.

You feel like you need to be creating content every minute…and you would be right about that (lol). We added the “visual marketing” tools to because we are all in the visual marketing biz now whether we realize it or not.

Never NOT Be Part of A Social Conversation

Social networks are proxies for online social conversations. These days you want to be an active collaborator on as many conversations as possible, as many conversations as you can manage before you run screaming into the night. If the first rule of Fight Club is not to talk about Fight Club the first rule of marketing in a social time is Talk with EVERYONE and about EVERYTHING and ALL THE TIME. So a little different from Fight Club.

We realized COPE’s importance but stayed away because of the “overwhelming” problem. COPE = Create Once Publish Everywhere. Everything is overwhelming until it isn’t we reminded our self. Cutting ourselves off from important visual marketing conversations with designers is goofy stupid, so we added portfolio sites BeHance and Dribble.

We added Tumblr because visual marketing is a trend no one can afford to ignore. Curagami is in the visual marketing business at least by proxy. Our mission is helping e-commerce merchants, and e-com is getting about as painterly visual as you can imagine and then some and fast.

We also changed our Instagram from Scenttrail to Curagmai. Scenttrail’s days as a company are over (having more than served its purpose) so best to move on and consolidate around Curagami. Changing social nets can be a challenge.

We won’t shutter @Scenttrail since we have more followers there than anywhere else, but our 2008 self, the one who created Scenttrail, couldn’t have imagined content gamification (i.e. Curagami). Sometimes you have to pull a tooth to save your mouth (lol), so today we pulled some social teeth while adding others.

When was the last time you did some social dentistry? Remember NEVER not be part of a relevant online conversation even if by proxy (absence).