Silo Effect Interview

Cultural anthropologist Gillian Tett called the 2008 stock market crash proving “social psychology” is at the core of everything. Tett’s conversation with Fareed Zakaria on GPS (Global Public Square on CNN) this Sunday sounded the silo and efficiency alarm.

Great Internet marketers learn how dangerous efficiency is. As a Director of Ecommerce I used to say, “We are going to fly this play (our website) into the side of a mountain and feel good about it the whole way in”. The web’s inherent complexity require the kind of random collisions Tett says Facebook, or the anti-Sony, understands.

Much of what Tett said applies to web marketing. The web is nothing if not a study of tribal behavior in near real time making Tett’s points on how silos cause people to miss opportunities and risks beyond true. Success online take a village.

Yet few companies are organized around the web’s central role. The web is seen as some extra new thing. Wrong! The web is the first business we are all in now. The web, as a “first business”, changes everything.

Slack Matters

One of the hardest things we teach our new to web marketing clients is to RELAX and THINK. The web blows up all the time. Things go bump in the night on a regular basis. Those bumps can be costly too, but over reaction creates the kinds of silos Gillian Tett’s new book the Silo Effect covers.

I purchased a copy of the book for an upcoming trip to the James Cancer Center at Ohio State and will report back, but if the book is half as good, or a quarter as right-on, as this GPS interview it will be an important read for web marketers.