Recovering Phantom Revenue Webinar
Tuesday, March 29th

Great meeting today with Exinent and Ebound Hosting. We are developing a Webinar on Phantom Revenue. Phantom Revenue is the website every e-commerce team knows they leave on the table.

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Curagami, Exinent and Ebound represent the perfect three-legged-stool to reclaim what’s your, to capture “phantom revenue”. Defeating the Phantom Revenue Ghost requires tapping secrets in:

  1. Developing Content Marketing and Blue Ocean Tactics – Curagami’s mission
  2. Coding An E-commerce Frontend Consistent with #1 and #3 – Exinent’s calling
  3. Hosting With An Eye to SEO and Customer Engagement – eBound’s expertise

It takes a village to create a winning online store these crowded, noisy, connected days. We hope you join our village of e-commerce, content, Magento and hosting experts on Tuesday, March 29th.

New Phantom Revenue Calculator
We’re working on a cool calculator to help merchants estimate sales and profit losses from slow load Slow loads impact SEO and tomorrow’s conversion too and we going to find a way to model those cost in too.

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We look forward to sharing your ghost revenue experiences, e-commerce expertise and secret ways to defeat the profit stealing phantom who stalks every online merchant.  email ?s or comments to martin(at)