This page shows how easy makes it to integrate content into your blog. Go to the feed, click on “INTEGRATION” and define a few simple parameters for the feed such as your or meta and the number of posts to show, copy the embed code to a WordPress (or other tools) and publish.

Find my eight “magazines” here:

Must Play
More play video games than go to the movies. Must Play shares news in video games, video game development, and video game design philosophy.

Must Market
Marketing takes many forms these days from design to video games as does the content we curate into our Must Market feed embedded in Curagami. 

Must Curate
You can’t create content needed no matter what your company’s size. Content curation is the answer. 

Must Design
Design and marketing are becoming one and the same as we share in our Must Design feed. 

Startups Revolution
Startups are the super heroes of our age. They are a hot house of ideas, failures, and success. Learn from the future with these Scoops.