Quick Web writing Lesson shares how important online copy is in a customer’s buying journey. Change a few words to change everything. We build websites to “sell” an idea, product, and service.”Selling” is in quotes because sales connotate Willy Loman-like pressure sales.  Listening, educating and sharing are what is needed to sell online. Copy is how a website listens, shares and sells.

Great web copy needs to lower perceived risks, creating trust and developing a sense of community, fellowship, and mission. Buying is risky. At a recent conference the web researcher, Amy Africa described the stress observed when people buy online. Online buyers move forward in their chair, heart rates went up, and they got in “fight or flight” mode. If buying is pressure, then online shopping on most websites is pressure squared. Use copy to reduce the risks and stress of buying and you double conversions.

Quick Web Writing Lesson – Reducing Customer Risks

Words on your website are great e-commerce tools. Copy gains trust develops relationships and reduces perceived buying risks. Here are tips to reduce buying risks with web copy.

  • Use OPW (Other People’s Words) – Trusted sources or industry gurus can increase trust and reduce stress.
  • Use Customer Words – User Generated Content proves you are listening and want to connect with customers.
  • Touch the Universal – Use spiritual and exploratory words such as “imagine”, “discover,” and “breathe.”
  • Cliches – Cliches can help your copy tap into the universal too.
  • Empathy Words – Use words that create a sense of empathy, collaboration and love such as empathy, collaborate and love.
  • Acronyms – Acronyms can convey industry knowledge but explain every acronym or you assume too much.
Copy Example

Curagami’s customer Moon-Audio.com wrote good copy for their new V2 audio cable for JH Harvey designed In-Ear-Monitors. Here is Moon-Audio.com’s good copy:

Starting Copy
The Silver Dragon IEM headphone cable V2 (version 2) introduces the next evolution in Moon Audio IEM cables.  It is a total redesign from the previous Silver Dragon IEM V1.

We redesigned this cable solely for the purpose of teaming up with JH Audio, one of the best, most admired & sought after IEM manufacturers in the world. This redesign was almost two years in the making, and all elements of the cable were redesigned and improved.

Suggested Edits

After two years of R&D, the Silver Dragon IEM headphone cable V2 (version 2) for JH Audio In-Ear-Monitors (IEMs) is, as Audio Ambassador and long-time JH Audio listener Doug wrote in his 5 Star review, “…a major step forward in detail, dynamic contrasts and soundstage”.  Drew and the Moon Audio design team collaborated with Jerry Harvey, founder of JH Audio, to rethink, recombine and redesign the Silver Dragon V2 for JH Audio IEMs.

JH Audio, one of the most admired IEM manufacturers, started the IEM revolution working with bands you know and love. Our new Silver Dragon IEM V2 is compatible with…


We place the R&D effort at the beginning to tap into a known truth – R&D is expensive. Our edit uses User Generated Content (UGC) so selling is between customers. Most websites oversell turning off customers and lowering conversions. Better to develop a platform where customers sell each other. Customers have more legitimacy and immediate trust. Customers think most websites aren’t to be trusted and are trying to sell something they may not want. Learn what you can say and when to use customer words.

Quick Web Writing Lesson – Flonase Knows Universal Truths

Next, let’s take a look at an excellent example of using a “universal truth” by Flonase:

Flonase Copy

Flonase is the 24-hour relief that outperforms the #1 non-drowsy allergy pill. When we breathe in allergens, our bodies react by overproducing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. Most allergy pills only control one substance, Flonase controls six and six is greater than one so go ahead inhale life, excite your senses, cease the day and the night. Flonase 6 > 1 This Changes Everything.

Flonase copy builds on a universal truth. Six is greater than one. Facts help project the veracity of their claim – that Flonase beats allergy pills.

Small changes to your website copy can make big differences in engagement, trust, and conversion. Hope the quick tips shared here help you write better web copy.