The Platform Revolution

The Platform Revolution is about something we all know but few put into action – platforms rule the wb world now. “Google is all about big brands now,” a frustrated customer said. The complaint was about how this Small to Medium Sized Business couldn’t win organic listings anymore. We disagreed. Google isn’t rewarding top organic listings to Big Brands. Big brands look and feel more like platforms and that is why they are winning in spite of themselves.

“In spite of themselves” because, as Zillow and others are proving in real estate right now, BIG is relative.

Once a “roll up artist” creates a winning platform “big” will get a new definition. Google and the web WANTS platforms. Facebook is the #2 most trafficed site on the web and someday soon it may PASS GOOGLE!

If you are like most small websites your destiny is set – you will be forced to partner with the fighter pilots who rolled up your space. If that sounds like you will be forced to pay mini-Googles you win a cookie. If you don’t WANT to be forced to pay smarter (at least about web marketing) fighter pilots the you MUST do at least two of these now:

  • Re-think your strategy from TALKING to LISTENING.
  • Move content curation into the driver’s seat (90% of the time) and content creation into the backseat (10%).
  • Create profiles about your top customers and share link juice.
  • Ask for guest blog posts and other User Generated Content.
  • Follow more than 50% of those who follow you.
  • Curate THEIR (customer and contributor) content into your social nets.
  • Think and act on the PLATFROM idea every damn day.

The difference between a website and a platform is how much I feel like I need it (as a consumer). Websites are one and done. Platforms are something where cool stuff is happening daily. Supporters love your content so much they don’t want to miss it. They check in daily possibly several times a day. Can you create that much cool content.

Answer: NO and NO WAY.

The only way to create so much cool content visitors feel like visiting daily or miss something is by crowdsourcing. You MUST tap the wisdom of your crowds to have half a chance at this. The good news is every business has SO MUCH MORE virutal network than they tap. No one ASKS their customers for stuff. Yet here we (customers) are empowered by connections, smartphones and blogs ready to contribute.

Why would we contribute? Because we LOVE you and you ASKED. Why does wikipedia have more content than any encycopedia? Oh, I should have said why does Jimmy Wales and Wikipedia have more FREE content than anyone? Answer: they ASKED and created enough SOCIAL REWARDS that the ask self-perpetuated.

PAYING is contra-indicated. You pay and what I LOVED to do for you as a noble sacrifice becomes a JOB (read Drive: Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us by Pink for more on this). So let’s see, WINNING in the very near future is going to require a platfrom with enough User Generated Content that your’ve achieved a “virtual positive engine” (i.e. you put in less and more comes out) and the ONLY costs (at least right now) is THINKING differently and ASKING for help.

Amazing to think even as we write this FEW will do either. That means if you can READ THIS and REALLY GET IT you can RULE your online business vertical. If, like most, you ignore, do nothing and think things will stay the same you will end up buying your traffic back from a new middleman who rolled your space up and now charges you a fee for what you could have had for FREE. Oh, and by-the-way, once you are on the “pay others” hamster wheel YOU NEVER GET OFF.

Personally life is too short for such nonsense. I like to WIN and tell rollup artits where to stick it, but hey that’s just me. LIONS have more fun than SHEEP is my crazy thinking. BE A LION and start PLATFORMING NOW, today. It’s easy. Create an Ambassador Program like’s and ASK for help. If you don’t know what to do next stay tuned and I promise to break this post out into smaller steps.

BE A LION online.

I just finished 12 pages outlining The Curagmai Idea. Only took us a year and a half to figure out how we can really help SMB online retailers. Better late than never. Want to read our draft and share ideas? If you are a glutton for this kind of entrepreneurial strategy brainstorming we are GLAD to share. Email martin(at) and we will be glad to send you a link to what we are thinking in trade for your feedback, ideas and help (and ours back to you in turn). Thanks, Marty and team Curagmai

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Platforms ROLL UP & Win Traffic from Google