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Moo Marketing

Moo Marketing shares three things we love about the Moo and why you should read Moo’s Q&A on How Design. Here’s what we love about the Moo:

  • Easy To Use & Fun
  • Insiration Gallery
  • Best Unboxing Experience

Easy To Use & Fun

We love the part in How’s interview with Moo’s Chad Jennings, VP, product and design where How says Moo is too easy to earn designer respect. Chad answers the question well, but “too easy” is never a crime (in our book).

We think about the issue differently. Complicated means only a tiny group of design pros are willing to make the trek up the mountain. Moo is on another journey. They want their UI and tool to be easy so anyone can use it and FEEL like a designer.

They pay artists back with other features such as their “Inspiration Gallery”. Moo is using the pros to teach the amateurs, and everyone is happy.

Inspiration Gallery

Arguably the most underutilized part of any Small to Medium Sized Business (SMB) is their network. Every business has clients they don’t pay back half as well as Moo. Your customers have stories, pictures and content waiting to be on your website.

All you have to do is ask.

Best Unboxing

Thought we wrote about how special Moo makes unboxing their product – you business cards. I couldn’t find our post. Here’s a picture from Office Supply Geek:


Moo may have the best unboxing experience on the planet. You’ll wonder if your business cards have arrived or someone sent you fine wine. Not wine, but Moo.com is as proud of your cards as you are. “We are in this together,” their unboxing experience says. If there is a more important message to send to customers these days we don’t know what it is.

Steal from Moo.com. Oh and don’t forget Chad’s note about building a sense of play into everything Moo does. Play, fun and inspiration are the most contagious kinds of content on the web.

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