Marketing Goes Boom

Marketing Goes Boom and we shouldn’t be surprised anymore. ¬†When we can create the animation below in less than five minutes (and on a smartphone) why are we surprised that everything we knew as “marketing” has gone boom? More than 25 years from the Cluetrain Manifesto’s publication and we still don’t have a clue. Our cluelessness revolves around two poles – willful ignorance and fear.

Our fear of the inability to do tomorrow what we know how to do today makes our marketing ignorant and quickly losing touch with relevancy, hope and love. Hope resides in our recognition that WE are neither problem or solution. We can be catalyst, teacher and student simultaneously. Life doesn’t get much better or more fun than that.

Our Object of magic is how easy learning THE NEW is becoming. Learning new things has never been easier once we conquer our fears. Even if we conquer fear only for the sake of nothing left to lose we move forward, are changed and better prepared for the inevitable – the next round of tectonic shifts. Once we know things once thought true and forever are false and transitory can we ever be the same.

Can we return to a belief system now so discredited chimps throwing darts have more accuracy and meaning? Let’s hope not. We are a long way from Cluetrain.Time to get a clue :). Marty