Mapping home page clicks got easier thanks to Google’s new “on page” metrics. We summed clicks for each of’s home page sections.  There may be more elegant ways to map home page clicks. Our brute force use of spreadsheets showed we needed to change the design moving best sellers up.

Google Analytics Map Home Page Clicks image

Mapping Home Page Clicks with Google Analytics

We assigned “zones” to five horizontal dimensions:

  • Heroes (top) Zone 1
  • Featured (featured products at the fold and the first band below the hero) Zone 2
  • Best Sellers (products merchandised in the third group) Zone 3
  • Drew’s Picks ( founder Drew Baird’s picks) Zone 4
  • Footer Zone 5

Here is the pie chart’s clicks and zones create (see if you can see the problem before reading further):

Google Analytics mapping homepage clicks Moon Audio chart image

Zone 2 featured products didn’t deserve the “above the fold” placement. Best Sellers received more clicks AND did so lower on the page. Moving Best Sellers up to where Moon’s “featured products” would result in more conversions, less bounce, and better return.

Moon uses Magento. Making a template costs pennies and will return dollars so an easy decision. An easy decision it would be hard to see without mapping home page clicks.

Blue = Zone 1
Red = Zone 2
Beige = Zone 3
Green = Zone 4
Purple = Zone 5

Google Analytics Map Clicks Moon Audio image