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Make A Mobile App Icon For Your Blog

Why figure out a way to make your blog look like a mobile app? Smartphones are where your customers and potential customers are. And, thanks to Jetpack’s cool icon feature adding a shareable mobile icon that links to your blog for your blog is easy.And it’s easy to share this cool make your blog look like a mobile app feature with your customers.

Jetpack Logo image

Jetpack is a suite of apps. Careful with what you turn on since plugin conflict happens and the only way to KNOW if something is going to blow up is to add the plugin and then do Q&A to assure everything is working the way you expect.

Take these easy steps to add a mobile icon for your blog, an icon your customers can easily add to their phones too:

Step 1: Download the Jetpack WordPress plugin.

Step 2: Find and activate the Icon app.

Icon App from Jectpack image

Step 3: Create a 512-pixel “icon” image like these:

Scenttrail and Curagami icons graphics

Step 4: Goto GENERAL, go to the bottom of GENERAL settings page and follow steps to upload your icon file.

Step 5: Goto your blog and click on the share icon on your smartphone.

Adding Blog Icons To Phones example

Step 6: Tell your customers how they can download a cool shortcut to your blog.

Lots of hooks in this idea too. You could hold an Icon Contest, ask customers to show their smartphone covers and share the story of your favorite apps. Every story helps. Every story creates trust, a sense of community and your brand gets smarter. Track who have your icon on their phone and say THANK YOU by sharing links back and curating their (customer) content into your site, social nets and blogs (with permission and attribution).

Need little marketing trick that costs nothing compared to the cost of developing apps? When you create and upload your mobile app icon send a copy to martin(at) We will share your screenshot, story and cool blog / icons with our readers and growing community.

Create A Mobile Icon For Your Blog made it all the way to Reddit:


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  1. Muhsin Mohamed Pc June 14, 2015 at 2:50 pm

    I searched the same content on Search Engine and i got nothing … Thanks for the informative information . Surely i will do this on my blog … Thanks again