Lego Block Marketing

Lego Block Marketing is an important realization. There is no single silver bullet. Marketing is a mashup of half a dozen things. And there is no magical formula to what your personal, company or services brands should embrace, mashup and own. Lego Block Marketing is a glove.

A glove that fits different “hands” differently. Everyone knows the most popular social and digital marketing tools:

  • Facebook (Social Network)
  • Twitter (Micro-blogging & social net)
  • GPlus (Micro-blogging, social net & suite of tools)
  • WordPress, Blogger (blogging and content creation).
  • Slideshare & Haiku Deck (slides and presentation support
  • SpyFu,, Raven’s Tools (SEO).
  • Linkedin & (manage personal networks)
  • Marketo, Eloqoa, Pardot (inbound marketing)
  • & Storify (content curation and micro-blogging)
  • Bronto, Constant Contact and MailChimp
  • Youtube, Periscope (video & live streaming)
  • Instagram (pictures & social network)
  • Pinterest (visual, community and social network)
  • Medium & Tumblr (micro-blogging & social networks)
  •, & FlipBoard (content curation & social media aggregation).

On top of those tools is a layer of analytics provided by everything from Google Analytics to Marin, Optimizely and Unbounce (a “landing page” tool with great analytics. The list has another dimension. Some tools are “enterprise” meaning they focus on big companies used to paying thousands or millions for marketing tools. Other tools are for SMBs (Small to Medium Sized Businesses)

Marketing Landscape Small Size image

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The infographic above came from Trust Radius and is impossible to keep up to date since tools come and go constantly. There is no silver bullet. No single tool or even a group of three tools dominates all marketing in every situation. Tools can be as flexible and mold-able as clay. We see a common competitive reaction.

When a competitor such as North Face stakes a claim to Facebook other similar sites / companies will move staking their claims with other tools. Oakley owned Twitter and Patagonia was the best blogger when we looked at the “sports” space af few years ago. Once one venue becomes shuttered by a dominant competitor other companies develop strong communities and competence with a competing tool or tools.

This flexibility, the ability to form a tribe wherever a brand stakes a claim, support the tools as means not ends. Tools become places. Places brands can pitch a tent, start a fire and invite guests to join. The distinguishing mark is NOT THE TOOL but the tribe’s willingness to follow the lead brand there, contribute consistently, follow and support the brand wherever the brand lands and focuses their marketing.

What about you? What tools do you like to use for your online  marketing? Why are THOSE particular tools the ones you like? Did you decide on those tools because you were looking for a blue ocean of uncontested space? or did you compete and win the tool because that is where your tribe was already (you went to them instead of them coming to you? What social media Key Performance Indicators have you created or do you use? How do you define #smm success and Return On Investment (ROI)?