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Lean Content Marketing Medium Cool

Lean Content Marketing Medium Cool suggests if you haven’t read Scoop.it’s CEO’s Why Lean Content Marketing is the future of Content Marketing post now is a good time to read, understand and use Guillaume Decugis’ post. Guillaume’s post is prescient in many ways:

  • Rich Snippets – anticipates Google’s high valuation of “rich snippets” and use of schema in SEO
  • Medium’s “Readism” Tool – anticipates Medium’s “time to read” app now available for any web-based reading
  • Get More, Do Less – Predicts a more automated future with better content curation tools
  • Content Curation – Describes reach and community strengths of content curation

That last bullet, describing the strengths of content curation, is a gimme since Scoop.it is in the curation business. The Medium “time to read app” takes one of the coolest features of Medium.com – time to read assessments in minutes – and makes it available across the web via a new Chrom extension.

If you aren’t using Medium’s app to evaluate your content marketing NOW you’re nuts. Word count isn’t as important as how long does your content take to read. Medium’s Readism app rated this post a 2-minute read. We decided to put our curation tools conversation into another post because that section took 4 minutes to read by itself instead of making this post come in at 6 minutes.

If you are content marketing, and who isn’t these days, and NOT using Medium’s Readism app you’re nuts.

Medium Readism Read Time App example image
Medium Readism Read Time App example


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