The New Web Is About The Tease

As we leave “brochureware”, sites whose look and feel mimicked brochures, well behind us in favor of new social and mobile Internet the art of the tease is a crucial skill. The loose frameworks for collaboration and improvisation make Jazz a good analogy for the “community” the social and mobile web are creating. JAZZ is the music we play now.

Barriers hardly exist in jazz. Barriers between players and audience become paper thin. “Paper thin barriers” between customers and marketers is how the social / mobile web changes digital marketing.

How Social / Mobile Web Changes Digital Marketing

  • Consumers BUY less and look to COLLABORATE more.
  • Web teams should create less and curate more.
  • Listening becomes more important than talking.

How Do Websites “Tease”

Have you ever been STOPPED and alerted to “must read or share” content by an amazing photograph or infographic? Have you noticed you quickly know what to do on some websites? Have you noticed web content is coming in smaller chunks linked to other smaller chunks? Welcome to the Tease.

Websites “tease” in many ways:

  • Arresting Images.
  • Clear Calls-To-Action (CTAs).
  • Rich Content Snippets “daisy chained” to other relevant content.

There are other ways websites tease, but let’s focus on these three today.

Curagami Jazz Hero graphic

Arresting Images

Some images have STOPPING power. Other images seduce and intrigue. I created a Haiku Deck about my love of Vogue (included below). Laugh if you must, but you won’t find a better example for the power of arresting images than “women’s magazines” like Vogue and Vanity Fair.

Why An Image Is Arresting (please share your ideas too)

  • Beauty.
  • Fame.
  • Strange Juxtapositions especially of either beauty or fame.
  • Surprise.
  • The Portrait “Stare” especially of either beauty or fame.
  • Visual puzzles.
  • Visual questions.

Never use “over promise” images. Over promise images STOP and then disappoint. Usually “over promise” images are incongruous with the content. Image relevance is more important than stopping power. Use the “art of the tease” when matching content to pictures. Leave enough mystery a click is required. “Don’t oversell the click,” is one big sticky note for digital marketers.

Most Internet marketers want to share everything NOW. Better to share a little bit now, then a little bit more and a little bit more. Each share is a tease and a promise. When your content lives up to both it will be shared, read and understood.

If you need an encyclopedia on how to tease, promise, deliver a little, tease, promise and deliver a little more pick up a handful of women’s magazines (for some reason their print magic hasn’t translated to the web yet).

8 Visual Marketing Lessons from Vogue Haiku Deck:

visual marketing: 8 Tips from Vogue

Clear Calls-To-Action

Imagine you have 9 seconds to tell me how to get to your house. I live in Durham, North Carolina. Ready GO! Can’t do it. Bet you will be challenged to get me out of North Carolina. Now imagine 100 people are visiting your website and they want to know how to get to your house, your sister’s house and your mom’s house all in 9 seconds.

Calls to action, those little buttons that encourage you to “learn more” or “read more” create a sense of progress. Phil Buckley, our Curagami co-founder, said, “To hell with learn more,” this morning. Phil was voicing frustration with how unimaginative most CTAs are.

Create CTAs that promise, tease and flirt. Write CTAs that connect to benefits or deepen the mystery. Why would you want to “deepen the mystery” online? Sometimes WORK can filter out junk in your traffic. If your customers do a little work their conversions often mean more, their Lifetime Value (LTV) is greater.

As always TEST your CTAs to within an inch of their life (lol).

Rich Content Snippets On A Daisy Chain

Seeing the Vassar Daisy Chain at graduation, a tradition, was amazing and prescient. Content doesn’t or shouldn’t stand alone. Today at lunch Phil shared how SalesForce used a “read this white paper or e-book” CTA at the bottom of every blog post to blow up traffic and conversion from their blog.

SalesForce is “daisy chaining” their “rich snippet” blog post creating engagement and building a list THEY own and can market to at will. We are going to steal the “white paper or ebook offer at the bottom of every blog post” idea form SalesForce and suggest you do the same.

Other Ways To Daisy Chain Content

  • Videos that link to each other both by subject and with ending CTAs.
  • Images in a related series.
  • Using NUMBERS to indicate prior content or coming attractions (SpiderMan III).
  • Multiple Authors on a single subject (like editing a book).
  • Use of social media to re-energize content in the middle of a chain (and so point in either direction).

As we “daisy chain” content we tease, promise, deliver a little to tease and promise again. The “tease – promise” cycle develops trust. Promises made become promises kept. Trust is like fine wine – it needs time in special barrels to become community. May seem strange to suggest teasing is a CSF (Critical Success Factor) for online marketing, but the art of the tease builds trust and community.

Since we don’t have our SalesForce-like daisy chain up yet here is a form you can use to ask questions about teasing content or Curagami our new content marketing tool.