Makeing Best Friends with Customers

Making Best Friends with your Customers asks you to imagine the impact of knowing your customers like you know your best friends. Think of all the things that go unsaid between you and your besties. You are in sync. You can finish each others thoughts. Often, you share more with them than even your family.

You all know the rules, the benefits and the downsides of your gang, and you have chosen to fully embrace it and make it your own.

What If Your Customers were your friends image

From Traditional to The Web

If you run a traditional business, there’s no doubt that you know and love your best customers. If you don’t know the same information for your online business, why not?

All online businesses demand comprehensive digital metrics and a plethora of analytics data. Most rarely look at any of it. Why?

I think I know why nobody looks at analytics data. It’s boring. It’s dry. Mostly, it’s uninspired.

What if you knew the 14 people who are constantly on your site, sharing your cool stuff with their network and buying 8x more than your other visitors? That data is not boring, because that data has a personality!

Content Farming to Content Grocer

green grocerCrowdFunde acts as your neighborhood grocer. We look at acres and acres of content available on the crowd funding farms across the web. Then we choose only the most delicious content to stock on the shelves of your site.

When your customers arrive, you can see which ones look at the tomatoes, which ones are drawn to the bananas and especially the ones dragging their friends in to try the worlds best strawberries. You offer your best customers free samples and a warm smile, because you know it’s your service that helps build your reputation. You know it’s that word-of-mouth that help spread your business one customer at a time.

For you traditional businesses, your attention to providing a great, personalized level of service is how you set yourself apart. Online it’s a different ballgame. You can still become the authority that you are on Main Street, but you accomplish it leveraging content.

Content Curation

Allowing your customers to see all the cool things that you’ve curated for them will establish you as the authority in your field. Allowing your customers to tell you what they think of the items you’re curating allows you to draw closer to them. Seeing who establishes themselves as influential allows you to finally connect with your best customers online.


You don’t have time to spend all day looking through the hundreds of crowdfunding sites for cool stuff. That’s where CrowdFunde comes into play.

CrowdFunde scours the crowdfunding platforms for you and makes suggestions to share with your tribe.


crowdfunde wireframeWe are making this part simple. We present you one number (in a graph) that you can look at like a thermometer. You’ll be able to drill down to get specifics, but one quick glance will tell you if you’re moving in the right direction.

Seeing the graph of this “one number” over time will show you without any doubt that you’re moving in the right direction.

Not only will you be able to tell what content is popular and therefore what to do more of, but also who is engaging with it.


With the rise of the “new SEO“, you can no longer expect Google to be the biggest contributor to your sites success. As the social sphere grows in influence and we all live in our personalized bubbles, it’s up to you to take control of your business, your community and your future.


There are two things that drive almost all human behavior, love and fear. For your online business you can win with love. Even though you can’t hug your digital customers at the sales counter, you can indicate your level of commitment in other ways. When someone feels like they are connected to you it’s the first step to a deeper relationship.

Think of the people and places you feel the most connected with – your favorite restaurant, your childhood summer camp pr even your favorite movie. Now imagine people feeling that way about your business.