Adding Haiku Decks To WordPress

I love the +Haiku Deck tool. You can read about why we love it so much and see the links to our Haiku Decks behind the Haiku menu option.

We’ve been prodding Adam Tratt, one of Haiku’s founders, for a user profile (done) and more control over display (Haiku Deck team is working on it). While the Haiku Deck team works on creating new cool tools we wanted to added our decks to our blog. Here’s how we did it.

How To Add Haiku Deck To Your WP Blog

  1. Create a new Haiku Deck category on your blog.
  2. Create posts for every Haiku Deck to be added. You may want to use a date from last year or the year before to fool WordPress into moving your new Haiku Deck posts to the back of your stack.
  3. Create a grid we used WP Ultimate Post Grid and we upgraded to premium for the ability to filter by category.
  4. Redirect your WP posts to your Haiku Deck (we cheated and used the Twitter links, better to grab the nasty URL you can find in the embed area since we will drive up our Twitter share numbers artificially) we used Redirection plugin by John Godley.
  5. We wrote copy into this page mostly for #seo reasons. You can see a grid without copy behind the Magazines menu option.

We also use embedded feeds behind the “Magazines” link. Each “Magazine” is firing from our feeds. This is how we see “websites” changing. Instead of a place where you creating everything tomorrow’s sites will share your creations from all over and encourage visitors to collaborate and share too. If that sounds like we suggest you create online community you win a cookie (and I’m writing this from +Panera Bread so just tell me what kind you want :). Marty