Grado Creation Video

Grado Creation Video explains why friends at sell a lot of Grado headphones. Like Moon Audio Grado is a family, their business is driven by love of music and a sense of history. They believe in and speak to core values.

Last week we discussed the Video Marketing Challenge where every online marketer needs two kinds of video content:

  • Creation Story
  • Keyword Based Content videos (and lots of them) for FEEDBACK

You won’t watch a better creation story than Grado Labs:

Here’s why we love Grado’s creation story (About Us) video:

  • Simple and TRUE
  • Plays to UNIVERSAL Themes
  • Speaks to brand quality and mission
  • Creates, values and supports UNIQUENESS
  • Adheres to PEOPLE sell better than THINGS rule
  • Tells a great story with perfect pitch and pace

Universal Themes

Family, loving parents, fathers, and sons and loving what you create are universal themes. If you’ve read Joseph Campbell’s Hero with a Thousand Faces you know there are a handful of stories every culture creates, shares, and comes back to over and over.

The hero’s journey is an archetype we see over and over too:

  • Reluctant Hero Accepts an Arduous Task
  • There is usually a companion, guide or teacher
  • Hero looks defeated by the task or villain
  • Hero takes teacher’s instructions and triumphs
  • Hero returns to share and become a teacher

If that plot outline sounds like every movie from Starwars to Caddyshack, it is on purpose. Storytelling is most compelling when universal themes are included.

But there’s a problem.

It is easy to beat the “Time to listen to universal themes now,” drum and so turn an audience and potential brand advocates off. Grado’s well-crafted creation story balances between authentic and heroic without falling off.

Grado’s creation video also introduces ideas from Simon Sinek’s Start with Why book such as:

  • the Grado “Sound Signature.”
  • how Sound Signature is passed from generation to generation
  • The “Sound” and the “Story as Jonathan notes
  • Golden Ears training
  • Jonathan as a conduit to “the world” and “young face.”

Everything in Grado’s video is crafted to reinforce core brand values AND tell a “hero’s journey” story in 2:17. The video’s pace is as unhurried as crafting beautiful headphones, and the story is as real, emotionally resonant and compelling as the music we love to listen to on Grado’s handcrafted headphones :). Marty

PS. Hope Jonathan will share who helped create the video as they deserve kudos too. I will contact Jonathan, share this post and see who directed one of the best About Us creation videos we’ve seen. Thanks to Phil Buckley too for making sure founders of Moon Audio (Nichole and Drew) and I saw Grado’s great video.