Google Trends Class

Wondering if your startup idea will work? Want to know if that new campaign will get traction? One of our favorite tools to predict what is trending now and what will happen next is Google Trends. This Google Trends Class video provides an overview of how we use Google trends as an indispensable aid in market creation, product development and marketing strategy. When you see Google trends take off for a keyword or phrase like “content curation” it is time to write new content, develop new contests and games. When your online marketing anticipates and predicts where your customers hearts, minds and loyalty live you win. How do you use Google trends?

This post was deleted by mistake. Will catch up the transcript soon.

Today’s Master Class is about how to use Google Trends to understand your category. We used this chart to understand the impact of Beats by Dre. Beats got about half a billion in VC money. And they spent it. Sennheiser has a different strategy. Sennheiser, the line in blue. Look at Sennheiser’s line. Sennheiser’s line goes bang, bang, bang and is consistent over years.

Dre comes in, goes up and then back down. Fine with them since they sold the company to Apple and that was clearly their end goal to the sudden ubiquity. Remember every athlete was wearing Beats before the NFL signed a deal with Bose? Beats bought the market.

Sennheiser is a better partner for Curatami customer because Sennheiser makes great products.