What did you do as a child you don’t do now? Bet you played games. You would trade hiding for seeking, climb trees, and play board games. It may feel as if those simple pleassure games are gone. Not so much.

Go anywhere and what do you see? People walking with heads down, fingers furiousling texting, tweeting or Facebooking. We play more game snow than ever. Games aren’t limited to children these days either.

What the airlines started with their “fly for free” game is being picked up by just about every online e-commerce website. When you see this much “flocking behavior” where every online marketing team wants to get on board the loyalty program train it means one of two things – either the ship has sailed and you are stuck on shore or the tactic works and may continue to do so.

“Continue to do so” is the rub. Online marketers tend to SCRUM around anything that works. As elbows, feet and knees shove and pull marketing tactical efficacy declines. THEIR advocacy doesn’t mean you should follow. In fact trends beyond a tipping point usually should be avoided.

Loyalty and making your content, website and marketing more game-like feels “evergreen”. Gamification works, will work and gamification can always be modified, edited or tweaked ┬áto make it yours. You don’t need expensive gamification tools either. Remember LinkedIn’s famous, “80% done,” statement?

LinkedIn knew waving a red flag like, “Others are ahead of you,” in front of Type A profile creators would spur a round of content curation, User Generated Content (UGC), and shares. ┬áLearning to gamify your marketing may be the most important idea few understand or acting upon. Uber gets it and is making getting a cab a video game.

Facebook gets it and they are making sharing pictures of baby a highly personal and intimate game. Twitter gets it as they share the waterfall of ideas, concepts and content we create to play the game. What is the real goal of any game developer – promotion of more game play :). Marty

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