Flipboard Content Curation – If Feedly is my favorite content curation tool Flipdboard is a close second. In fact, these tools are complementary. Feedly helps find content to share on Flipboard, inform your market and category insight, and watch the competition. But Feedly doesn’t have Flipboard’s flipping magazine appeal. View my 14 Flipboard Magazines.

Sharing the powerful flipping magazine experience on Curagami.com would be epic. Sadly there is no way to incorporate Flipboard’s great flipping magazines in a blog or at least none we could find, figure out, or steal. Believe me we tried, There are other content flipping tools, but Flipboard has a great community. Content flipping for the sake of flipping is cool, but half the benefit is in the Flipboard community. 

Just about anything you want to do except embed Flipboard content within a blog other than by using Flipboard’s widgets is possible and easy. My first customization was to move my magazines to the front of Flipboard’s “following” content queue. Your cover is what Flipboard displays WHEN it is in position #1. Content different than the cover can be confusing. By moving Curagami’s magazines to the front it’s easy to know when cover and content are out of sync. 

Here is my modified home screen. 

Here is Curagami’s Flipboard Profile

Here is how the first piece of content and the cover should match or Flipboard cascades the image in the first position and confusion follows. 

Since it would take longer to blog about how to figure how the rest of Flipboard than it will take you to start flipping like a pro we’ll skip it and suggest the best way to learn is to start flipping.