Does Blogging Matter

Does Blogging Matter asks a content marketing question many are asking these “content shock” days. Content shock is happening. There is more content chasing the same or less attention. Cutting through the clutter and noise of a lot more LOUSY content is becoming every website’s challenge.

We think content lives within the outstanding to worst bell curve.

Content Shock Bell Curve image

There are 2.4B web surfers worldwide. Distribute web surfers along a standard bell curve and everyone gets a little piece of content no matter how bad (the content).

But there’s a problem.

While production of content lives on a bell curve with a small amount of your content defined as OUTSTANDING and a small amount as WORST content isn’t CONSUMED by a bell curve.

Content is consumed by a power distribution.

Instead of the democracy of Bell Curves content consumption lives by a “Rich Get Richer” power distribution.

Content Shock Traffic Distribution chart image

Easy to see this “power distribution” in your content too. A small number of pages will earn a disproportionate number of views, shares and engagement. Look at the power curve created by our Haiku Decks. The curve (of our deck views) is smoother than it would be if we hadn’t trimmed several decks from the bottom of the curve. Views by our Haiku Decks is an ¬†unmistakeable Power Distribution.

Content Shock Haiku Deck Views Power Distribution curve image

Blog Support vs. Not

There is dissonance between how we NEED to produce content (bell curve) and how content is consumed (power distribution). We need to create content via a bell curve because no matter how GOOD you are some content is better than others. Content’s acceptance is complex – so complex if there is a formula for acceptance we don’t know it and We’ve published over 1M words on company,¬†personal, and partner blogs.

A few posts, like we experienced with our Haiku Decks, resonate most and gain the largest share of views, shares and traffic. Content consumption lives by a power distribution. You can’t CREATE content saying, “We are only going to create viral masterful content”. Expecting everything you write, create, think to become Sistine Chapel great denies how you are MOST LIKELY to get there – the evolution of your content marketing skills by creating worst, bad, good and amazing content.

Is it reasonable to expect your content marketing to get better – to grow your “outstanding” group while decreasing your “worst” group? Creating content isn’t a route or robotic process. Writing is a unique synthesis of your past, present and future. Do anything with presence, attention and a desire to get better and chances are good your “amazing” group will grow as your “worst” group declines.

Recently we blogged about our Top Haiku Decks. Turns out some of our calculations were wrong. Instead of correcting the post we decided to watch it, track views and compare views in / out of the post. Views of Haiku Decks included in the post gained 1,281 views since the 23rd of October (the day we posted our Top Haiku Decks post). The average views gain was 22% for decks included in the post.

For decks NOT included in the post, the average views gain was only 5.29%. Decks mentioned in the post generated more than 4 times the views. We didn’t control all conditions. We blogged about Thinking Like An Internet Marketer, but EVEN if you cut the results in half there is a dramatic difference between a simple blog post listing top decks and no support at all.

Views aren’t conversions or money, so yet another condition not controlled for in our back of the envelope spontaneous test, but there is NO DOUBT your support of YOUR content matters.

Content Curation

Content marketers need to hone their skills by creating content. Online marketers also need to cut through the rising tide, the clutter of even OUTSTANDING posts. In a power distribution, RICH get RICHER. Your website, online marketing communication and campaigns have a single job -elbow your way into the “rich getting richer” club.

We like to CURATE more content than we create on Curation creates community, tests content ideas and develops more reach faster for less effort and money than anything tactic we know. Content curation is a great way to test the waters to know when, where and why your content marketing can double down. Curation is an easy way to REDUCE “worst” and INCREASE “outstanding”.

The other tactic easy to bolt on to content curation is developing disruptive ideas, campaigns and content. Disruption is risky business. You will FAIL at a higher % than you succeed and your outright failure rate will be depressing and disheartening. Don’t give up.

Creative “blue ocean” or highly disruptive ideas is a skill too. The more your practice the better you play. Your online marketing must be diversified across many channels, segments and ideas. Leave 10% or more if you are brave to fail outright and miserably. Set your goal as – DISRUPT on the level of what Uber is doing to cabs, what Cirque du Soleil did to “circus” and what your can do to your segment IF you have the courage to try.

Don’t BET YOUR FARM on disruption since doing so is sure to spoil your marketing diversification and put way too many eggs in a single basket. Not BETTING some budget on disruption means you don’t hone a critical skill set and you may be disrupted.

Blogging matters. Blogging matters to your ability to create community, connection and revenue.