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Cyber Monday Hacks

We love Kissmetrics Cyber Monday Hacks data and suggestions. This Curgami post builds on three Cyber Monday ideas.

  • Early Bird Emails
  • Lunch Deals on Social Media
  • End of Day Recap

Early Bird Email Friction

Everyone who sells anything will be hitting their email lists after Thanksgiving. Typically you want to make buying as easy as possible. Cyber Monday isn’t typical. We suggest adding in a little friction into your Cyber Monday campaign. Here are some Cyber Monday friction ideas.

  • Free Shipping Triggers
  • Codes
  • Time Limits
  • First Come, First Get (i.e. limit availability)
  • Category Qualifications (him, her, returning, new customers)
  • Rebates, store credits, gift cards

Category qualifications can be as little as teaser graphic leading to a landing page. And qualifications can be as much as unique codes in emails, codes required to receive offers. Scripting-specific codes make sharing on RetailMeNot.com harder.

We like landing pages for NEW and RETURNING customers too.  We suggest simple graphics leading to non-locked landing pages. Keeping new and returning landing pages open allows new to see what returning customers are interested in and being offered and vice versa. Open means more sales but less exclusivity.

Sometimes more sales aren’t the goal. First of all, you may have a specialty site where selling more to “wrong” or unprofitable customers hurts instead of helps the bottom line. As a result, a little friction and some especially relevant exclusivity may discourage “bad” customers while rewarding sales you want.

Lunch Deals

It seems like the Kissmetrics lunch idea would ROCK Cyber Monday sales too. Many of our clients have sizable international sales. Lunch happens at different times around the globe. And “lunch” is a stellar idea. Alert customers around the world when their “lunch” offers are going on with social media. Advertise Cyber Monday Lunch Deals on banners on your site too.

Make banners clickable into a popup explaining your rolling lunch specials are happening from noon to one in 7 time zones.  Leave lunch deals out of email blasts because you want customers to ACT NOW. Using social media on a day like Cyber Monday is especially relevant. Social media happens NOW. When you do something happening now too, you tap into the best time to sell online. Most of all we’d leave lunch deals out of email blasts since too much warning for too long can hurt online sales.

Furthermore using social media on a day like Cyber Monday is especially relevant.NOW is a magical time online. When you offer something NOW, you tap into a significant trend because “now” feels authentic and less manipulated. Now creates a sense of collaboration and fun. Customers feel less “sold” and more collaborated with so finding ways to create “now selling” is crucial to the “new e-commerce.”

Few will attempt “now selling” therefore your site can be unique and extraordinary. Customers don’t need to know you’ve put pages into “auto publish” mode and filled a buffer with tweets.

End of the Day Recap

Another great Kissmetrics idea. Cyber Monday has a flow, a rhythm, and happens in different ways and at different times for different customer personas and segments. Creating feedback loops is compelling and engaging. People want to know how they compare, how they stand up to some “average.”

As Cyber Monday moves forward in time developing a recap of your best sellers, comments and feedback create collaboration. Share your surprises and don’t spare the negative ones. If you thought a product would rocket and it doesn’t share your reaction. Be surprised not disappointed. Whatever your customers do is the truth.

Sharing facts created by customers on Cyber Monday generates more sales. You’ll make more sales because your recap says, “We’re listening, We Care” and “We’re in this together.” Fast feedback with intelligent commentary and content curation is a powerful selling tool. Doubt the power of feedback? Reviews are Crowdsourced feedback. And, as every online merchant knows, reviews sell.

In conclusion, curate HOW your customers sell each other this Cyber Monday. Share feedback, sell into the web’s never ending NOW and do lunch to win hearts, minds, and loyalty this holiday selling season.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]

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Watch Joi Ito explain NOWISM in his TED Talk (time code 10:00 for most critical ideas)

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From Cyber Monday Hacks post by Kissmetrics

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Use social media to create NOW selling

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Recap Cyber Monday at then end of the day.

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Cyber Monday Rules teddy bear hero imageWe hope your Cyber Monday RULES in 2016.