Conversion Metrics Class

Conversion Metrics Class is a YouTube video about how to tune your website to convert visitors to buyers:

Conversion Metrics Class Transcript

We continue our discussion about conversion metrics by discussing our redesign of’s sales are up, conversions are up 20% and we are doing a great job with their new design. Every metric is trending positive after changing the site’s look and feel. Let’s discuss what we did before we executed the redesign. The content on Moon Audio needed to tell a consistent story. We asked a series of questions.

  • What business are they in?
  • What keywords should we use?
  • What do our customer expect and want from

We even looked at sentiment analysis to think about the words we want to use to elicit the kinds of emotions that help with conversion. We want to look for the happy, excited words. It is not hard to find those words. has hundred of reviews of the cables they create to make headphones sound better. Moon Audio’s Silver, Black and Blue dragons are what their customers love.

Moon-Audio’s audio cables, their Silver, Black and Blue Dragons, is what their customers love. Another thing we wanted to make sure it was clear the new was an ecommerce site where customers can buy headphones and the cables Moon creates. Exinent and Tranquil hosting put a lot of work in the redeisgn. One of the reasons the redesign worked is we understood what business Moon is really in – the cable to make even the best headphones sound great business.