Conversion Metrics Class Intro

Conversion Metrics Class begins an important discussion about how to use metrics to win customer hearts, minds and loyalty.

How can your website make more money? One very important way is to increase the number of conversions. There are only a handful of ways you stie can make more money. One of the very important ways is to have customers who come to your website convert more.

Go into Google analytics and you click on conversion and then overview you will see a number of conversion by your traffic. It is usually a percentage such as 2%. That is the number of visitors you are converting. Let’s say you have a $4M website converting at 2%, the average sadly. These numbers vary, but if you have a $4M website converting at 2% then every quarter point of conversion gain is worth $500,000.

We just redesigned and finished anlaysis showing thier converion is up 20%.

  • Add Best Sellers (reduces risks to buy).
  • Reviews also lower customer buying risk.
  • Free Shipping – make sure your free shipping is clear and easy to see and understand.

There is 3 quick ways to increase conversion and why tiny improvements can make big changes to your bottom line.


  1. Denver Prophit Jr. March 30, 2015 at 8:16 pm

    The video did not mention on-page video. Working with a client now in Bethlehem, Israel who sells Judaic / Christian gifts and memorabilia. They definitely would benefit from taking outdoor video narration at various Holy sites holding the product in-hand and explains more about its history. For example: one item they sell is “A crown of thorns”. They should drive out to a garden where those grow naturally in Jerusalem and have a 3rd party authority talk about the history behind the crown of thorns.

    Very log production costs for a lapel wireless microphone or boom and an HD camera! Viola! I expect the video to do a large conversion on its own.

    1. Martin Smith April 30, 2015 at 7:21 pm

      Great Periscope and Meerkat application too Denver. Thanks for the note as always. Marty