Contextual Marketing

Today’s marketing is a long way from conversations. We have conversation with ourselves. On some lucky days our customers find enough relevance to interrupt our solipsism, but the vast majority of our digital marketing are trees falling in the forest with no one there to hear.

What if every message we sent to every customer was adaptive, relevant and timely? Mobile email based on conversations, context and data promise a future of individual relevance that feels like a dream today.

Reading’s Contextual Marketing eBook we were able to see the predictive and relevant conversational future of email marketing and websites. We tested “relevance” and “context” as Director or Ecommerce.

We set a section of our ecommerce home page to respond to customers visiting the page. Returning customers saw different creative than new. If you came in on a particular search we built creative to respond to what we knew about the customer.

Conversions increased 400%.

Our Responsive Future

For “responsive” takes into consideration the context customers are experiencing NOW and their experiences in the past (i.e. what we know about them):

Contextual Marketing image (c) with link

Context exits in real time, but most digital marketers aren’t THINKING about creating or curating conversations. We create “websites” or campaigns. Conversations are becoming the new currency in a social / mobile / connected world.

We love’s “responsive thinking”. Creating flexible creative presentation responsive to and molded by

  • Utility
  • Customer Experience
  • Engagement and ROI

is the future of online and mobile marketing.

Imagine we’ve set up a mobile email conversation. Our latest marketing creative discusses spring t-shirts. Suddenly, at this happened all the time when we lived in Chicago, a winter-like cold snap dominates the weather and news. Static creative about t-shits means customers who open their email today see a non-relevant message.


What if our email was more dynamic? What if our email was more like a widget? Those who opened our email when weather was nice saw a relevant Spring Tee message. Now the weather is different so our predictive engine changes the widget.

Thanks to our Predicitve Analytics Engine (PAE) a visitor in Chicago, where spring weather is suddenly well below norms, sees “end of the season parka sale” instead of
“Spring Tees” a message sure to make Chicago customers feel we are not there with them.

Our PAE is smart enough to realize Florida customers should continue to learn about spring tees. Florida customers provide behavioral data into the engine. Florida customers see the tee our engine decides is “most relevant”. This “sophisticated ad serving” responds to Utility, Customer Experience, Engagement and ROI over and over, faster and faster, better and better.

Business rules prime the process. “Business Rules” are assumptions made from data. Data is in a constant state of evolution. Business Rules aren’t “set and forget”. More interactions speed our engine’s ability to create real-time calculations and thus seamlessly serve hyper-relevant creative in emails or websites.

Curagami Predictive Analytics Engine image

Widget-ization of Digital Creative

Widgets were our inspiration. Embeddable widgets create conversations over time. They aren’t static. If a customer embeds your widget today your creative and your creative changes tomorrow the customer sees the latest. The missing component (in widgets) has been incorporating customer feedback loops. Behavior such as what customers click on, what customers share and what customers buy was trapped in analytics waiting for interpretation, creation of new content and then feeding it into the widget.

Widgets are changeable but they’ve been more soliloquy than conversation. Curagami is changing that. We’re connecting widget-like presentation to our Curagami Predictive Analytics Engine (cPAE).

Reading Burts:The Hidden Pattern Behind Everything We Do by Barabasi we realized patterns in data could predict and thus wrap a “conversational feel” into creative presentation. When a customer provides feedback our Curagami Predictive Analytics Engine (cPAE) see patterns, predicts outcomes and develops “tests” to add to the engine’s predictions.

If that sounds like a circle good. More data faster means the engine tunes its “business rules” and becomes more relevant for every customer. AND that is what we’ve been working on for more than a year – moving digital marketing into the real-time coversation era.

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