Content Curation Bus

The Content Curation Bus is about how we finally used’s easy feed embed option. is a “magazine” tool we use to curate content. Content curation is easier and less expensive to create than content creation. Content curation also leaves room for community to form.

Online community is the UBER goal, the reason we create websites. Content curation and lean marketing, the subject of an excellent blog post is how our “content marketing” will need to evolve. We can’t keep pushing content few care about in ever increasing amounts. We’ve seen the damage such ignorance of prevailing SEO can cause.

SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is now a Cirque du Soleil act. Content remains important, but finding ways to know what content your audience wants is invaluable. Content curation provides a means to test content creation ideas. Content curation also protects a modeled and valuable digital property such as your website and blog.

Once your website and blog are modeled by Google and Bing a known value, cadence and expectation exists. Violate those modeled values and you risk all. Content curation provides an easy and inexpensive way of testing content creation ideas. Curation has another benefit.

Curation Creates Online Community

By curating content from others you provide an important we are listening and we care signal. When you share content chances of social shares increases. You may receive social shares from the author (of the content being shared) and your site’s strong “we listen” signal encourages others to share. Remember the 1:9:90 Rule:

  • 1% of a site’s visitors will contribute meaningful content (User Generated Content or UGC).
  • 9% of visitors will share a site’s content especially when the content being shared comes from the 1%ers.
  • 90% of a site’s visitors read and are important to traffic metrics but hard to engage.

Content curation wins as a marketing tactic on many fronts including:

  • More reach per time spent.
  • Less expense than content curation.
  • Helps create online community.
  • Helps identify 1:9:90 groups within site visitors.

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How Helps Content Curation is a cool tool with several helpful parts including:

  • Spiders (crawls looking for relevant content) social web based on keywords (you provide) pulling related content into a curation area.
  • Develops magazines and feeds customers can easily follow, share and comment on.
  • Creates community of followers and fellow content curators.
  • Provides a testing ground for content creation.
  • Makes it easy, via embeds, to add content curation feeds into your websites and blogs.

For years we used as it’s own hub. Today, thanks to ongoing development by the team, adding content curation feeds into a WordPress blog or HTML5 website is easy. In a few clicks provides code, you embed the code and content curated into appears within your blogs or websites. Here is where you can find two of our 12 feeds embedded into Curagami:

Design Revolutions image and linkStartups Revolutions button and link


Design Revolutions                                       Startups Revolution

Banksy Revolution Flower Cover Image


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