Burn your website. Websites are dangerous. Developing websites can promote red ocean thinking. Red ocean water is dense with competitive battles. Destructive digital marketing is believing customer hearts, minds, and loyalty can be won by aping competitors.

Blue oceans are the only way to win customer hearts, minds, and loyalty. Here are five ways dangerous traps.

  • Focus on THEM, not YOU.
  • Copy Competitor SEO.
  • No RISKS or Distinction.
  • Voice Is Missing or Fake.
  • Community Doesn’t Form.

Focus On YOU Not THem

Read Start with Why by Simon Sinek to learn one reason to burn your website. Websites that talk to themselves about themselves aren’t good. Knowing, sharing, and telling your story is where every website should start. Sadly, most websites begin differently. Most websites begin in panic. Fear sets in as digital marketing tide rises and small to medium-sized business realize they must be online or perish.

Never PANIC when working on digital marketing. Customers sense fear, loathing, and shame. Think about your business. Write out your “creation story.” Publish to your “About” page. Listen and respond to feedback. Rinse and repeat.

No Distinction

Read Blue Ocean Strategy after reading Sinek. Blue ocean water is clear, open and waiting. Cirque du Soleil is our favorite example of creating blue oceans. Cirque du Soleil looked hard at the circus business model. They didn’t like what they saw. Here are a few things they didn’t want.

  • Animals = high costs and increasingly politically incorrect.
  • Travel = expensive and risky.
  • Pop Culture = the circus was out of date to high tech times.

Imagine the Cirque team brainstorming to eliminated animals, ask people to travel to their locations, and refresh shows frequently. Cirque du Soleil tickets cost five times Ringling Brothers tickets before the venerable circus brand gave up.The greatest show on earth lost to branding lunch eaten by an upstart, a “clean-slate” brand.

Finding blue oceans isn’t easy. Not changing your “website thinking”, not finding blue oceans, sentences most websites and digital marketing to mediocrity.

Voice Sounds Fake

Every website needs a distinct voice. Is your website a warm campfire on a cold night? Does your digital marketing ask people to join and share their journey? Here are ways to warm up websites.

  • Homepage Heroes (largest image on the page = hero) with people looking at the camera.
  • Accent Colors – understand the psychology of color and use it sparingly.
  • Images – pictures of warm-up websites, be careful about where your models’ eyes look since visitor eyes will go in the same direction.
  • Craft a distinct voice such as Woot.com or REI.

No Community

You need likes, love, and links to scale and grow a website. A community is where likes, links, and love start, grow and multiply. Community is people willing to give you their most valuable resource, their time.Growing an active online community is a lot of work. Don’t forget the 1:9:90 Rule of web visitation and conversion.


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